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A debutante to the world of writing, doesn't know where to start, but has yen to write.

Breaking the cliches of the world, she began to love herself. Wondering about her experiences in life, how she changed not only physically but mentally as well, she starts to scribble...

Note 1

On a scorching summer day, sitting near the window, drowned in the wistful memories, she is wondering how life happened to her. A trail of nostalgic memories crossing her mind, each one with a different experience.

Dressed in a red saree with bangles in her hand, sindoor on her forehead, paired with necklace, anklets, earrings, rings etc., she is looking like a doll. But this summer is making her uneasy with all these accessories. She is pondering about the day when she used to wear PJs and no jewelry at all. The day was just a month ago, a day before when she got married.

She is adapting to her new life, her loving husband cares not only for her but for her family as well. But before meeting him, the life was not so easy for her.

Note 2

She was lost in her thoughts, but a sudden knock on the door brought her to the reality. It is her younger sister calling her for lunch. But she denied as she is enjoying the fond memories. The mere presence of her sister for a while takes her to their childhood. Her sister, now adult, sometimes talks rudely with her which makes her think of the day when they used to be too affectionate towards each other. A zany incident flashed before her eyes. Everyone had left the school, only the peon and the two sisters were left, waiting for their uncle to pick them, but in vain, no one came. After a while, the elder one decided to walk home. It was raining heavily, with waist deep water, they headed towards their home. When the water level came up to younger one's neck, the elder one carried her on her back with schoolbags and water bottles in both her hands. She loved her so much then, she loves her unconditionally now also. Sometimes she gets upset due to her actions. But she is happy now because change is a part of life, she believes.

Note 3

To quench her thirst, she got up, walked to the kitchen, gulped two glasses of water and then joined others at the dining table for lunch as she couldn't resist the delicious food cooked by her mother. She is now back into her PJs as she is at her mother's place where she doesn't have to be presentable all the time. After having her lunch, she is back to her room, to her favorite place, the chair besides the window. She closes her eyes and again she is lost in her thoughts...

She is thinking about her mother, how much she sacrificed being a housewife. A job of a housewife or a mother is a thankless job indeed. Fighting in her mind with herself between pros and cons of being a housewife, reminds her of the day when she decided to leave her job and be a housewife. The society never wholeheartedly accepted her decision but she always wanted this when compared to a restless life. She wanted to explore and live life to the fullest. She now enjoys being the owner of the boutique which she had always dreamt of. She is enthusiastic every time as she can do whatever she wants to do, she doesn't think about the society anymore, rather she believes in living her dreams and turning them into reality.

Note 4

She misses her childhood very much, long hours of playing video games, going on some goofy missions like opening a stone stall or a fake hospital or a trek to the nearby colony, dreaming of a different profession every day without any tension. She used to be doctor on one day, engineer on second, scientist on third and the list goes on. Those were the days when everyone used to be happy. She misses that time when life was so happening.

Distracted by the reflection of the setting sun through a photo frame on her study table, she stood up and glanced at the yellow pages of some old books. As soon as she saw them, she is reminded of her Kota days, where she went to prepare for IIT, every student's dream. She is not happy with this memory as it reminds her of her failure in life that is not cracking IIT. That phase was very difficult for her, everyday seeing the sad faces of her parents who believed in her so much were not bearable. But as it is said, life goes on, she got a good college and time healed everything but a grudge remained in her heart. The day came when she cracked the interview of a renowned company and the cheerful and proud faces of her parents flashed. She is amazed at the weird yet interesting things, which happened in her life, and made her life better. With a smiling face, she kept the books on the table again.

Note 5

With the setting sun, cool breeze blew, and soon it started to drizzle, the first rain of the year. She likes the smell of the soil, and enjoys the pakoras and tea with her mom and sister sitting in the balcony. Gazing at the sky, she thanks everyone for the wonderful life she is living. Everyone enjoyed watching the kids of the colony playing football with enthusiasm.

After loads of laughter and gossiping, she accompanied her dad for an evening walk. The rain had stopped but the roads were wet. The birds were chirping, the roads were silent, only their footsteps can be heard. Her soul was revived by the peace it got. Looking at her dad's face, tanned skin, white beard, tired eyes, made her think that her dad had grown old. A father is always burdened with the family's responsibilities but never shows it on his face. She is thinking of all the sacrifices that his father made to make their lives better, like selling the land for her education or not buying something his favorite watch for years , the sacrifices are countless and not comparable. They are not talking but having a meaningful conversation just by looking at each other. The father-daughter bond is indeed incredible. Upon reaching the destination, they both sat on a bench and there, they saw a man carrying his child on his shoulders. On seeing this, she also remembered how her father used to carry her on his shoulders in her childhood whenever she was tired. How she used to play a quick 12 balls cricket match with her dad before going to college and sometimes during her exams also. She asks her dad to play a cricket match again, while sitting on that bench. The child inside her is out and is filled with zeal as she is a kid every time she is with her dad with no worries at all. Her dad plays the same cricket now also as he used to play earlier…

Note 6

Sipping up on her favorite hot cup of chocolate, she is sitting in the veranda. On seeing her, a neighbor, who was passing by, came to her house to meet her. She complimented her for her beauty & fashion sense and also congratulated her for her boutique. After the lady has left, she is confused between the inner and outer beauty of a person.

With earphones in, soft music playing, closed eyes, she is engrossed in her thoughts again. That was the same rainy day, when she, after finishing her hot chocolate, had decided to go to her friend's place for some assignment. But unfortunately she met with an accident and was bedridden for three months in the last year of her graduation. She had put on a lot of weight but neither she nor her parents had lost hope. At first, she could not even walk properly but the strength, courage and her strong will power helped her to be back to her life again. She is more lively now then what she used to be. She had finished her graduation and joined that renowned company.

She is happy here but she had always dreamt of doing something different, something that would make her feel contended, but the path was not an easy one to follow. After many days of fighting with her inner self, she decided to leave the job and live her dreams. She came back to her parent's house and decided to help her father in his family business. Being a girl, the society would make her feel uncomfortable while she wished to help her father. Also, the family business was not her cup of tea. So, she decided to do something on her own. She, with the help of some of her fashionista friends, learnt the fashion designs and trends and eventually one fine day, opened a boutique. That boutique was her dream, but she always preferred inner beauty over outer. The last song in her playlist was also played, she is now playing hide and seek with the kids wandering outside.

Note 7

She steps inside her home, to find that everyone's eyes are glued to the television screen. She also joins them and is enjoying watching her favourite show. But again got reminded of a silly memory, when she would hide the TV remote so that no one could change her favourite TV channel. Now she thinks that how insane she was! This is not only the TV time but also the family time where whole family sits together and enjoys its favourite shows.

But wait, something is not right! She couldn't see the TV screen clearly, the faces of the people are vague because she is not wearing her spectacles. Again a memory strikes her, this time, how she got spectacles. After coming back home from school, she along with her sister, used to play video-games for prolonged hours at mere a feet distance from the screen. After some days, she was not able to see the blackboard of her classroom clearly from the last desk. This eventually led her to have spectacles.

Note 8

After having dinner, all the four people, she, her sister & her parents went to the terrace. With the cool breeze blowing, dark sky with bright moon and twinkling stars, they all lied down gazing at the sky. They are talking and having a good family time. She closes her eyes and is again lost.

Meditating a little, thinking about her inner self, she is in a dilemma, as from where she came? What is her purpose of life? What is she going to do next as she has achieved what she had dreamt of? She answers herself saying that serving one's nation and being a good human being is her only job as a human. She looks at her sister and her parents and thanks God for sending them to her life who love her so much. She falls asleep soon while being lost in her thoughts. She misses his soulmate and wishes him to be there.

Note 9

She has a flight this afternoon, she is going back to her husband's place, taking all the unforgettable memories with her from childhood to today, and she is late as usual. But manages to reach on time, her family and friends has come to see off.

As soon as she enters the airplane, she sees her favorite cricketer, her idol, she is too excited to meet him. After the plane had taken off, she walks to his seat and talks to him, she is very happy. As she takes out her mobile to click a selfie with him, there starts some disturbance and the plane begins to shake and it eventually crashes while it is flying over the sea. With a jerk, she opened her eyes, just to realize that it was a dream. A sigh of relief for her as she is still alive.

Note 10

Squeezing a lime into a glass of hot water and then gulping it, with track pants and sneakers on, she was ready for a jog. Earphones in her ears are playing Miley Cyrus' "It's the climb…. Keep on moving", motivating her to go for another round in joggers’ park. She sits on a bench after doing some stretching. A bevy of ladies, probably housewives, is doing yoga to be fit. On seeing them, she is thinking that what if she gains weight again. Her journey from fat to fab would be spoiled then. Thinking this, she takes out her mobile and starts scrolling down the images in her gallery and is lost again in another memory.

It was the time after her terrible accident. She was bedridden for three months, she had put on a lot of weight. With a nine hours sitting job, it was not possible for her to shed those extra kilos until and unless she decided to do it, not for the society, but for herself. At first, she started fasting and restricted her calories to even less than the basal metabolic rate, which, in turn caused her loss only. Her metabolic rate became slow and she started feeling dizzy every time. This method absolutely didn't work for her.

After a month, she started eating whatever she wanted to eat and exercised for approximately 4 hours a day. She lost four kilos in a month and this was working for her, but after a month, her weight was constant for the next two months. She was depressed for not losing those extra kilos even after exercising so much.

One day, her friend advised her to take the help of a nutritionist. The very next day, she went to the nutritionist, who suggested her a combination of balanced diet and exercise would do wonders. Seeking his advice, she started following the diet and also exercising as it is 70% diet and 30% exercise ratio that works. She lost all the extra kilos in about only five months. Exercising and eating healthy was not confined only till the weight loss journey for her but became a part of her everyday life. She gets up and starts walking back towards her home.

Note 11

On her way back home, her husband surprised her by his unplanned visit. She is happy to meet her, holding his hands, leaning her head on one of his shoulders, she is again lost, for the last time, in her world of memories.

She met him through a mutual friend in the last year of her college. She was impressed with every trait of him like having respect not only for elders but also for the people who are junior or working for you, caring, being loyal and the list goes on... She had met the man of her dreams. She cherished every moment of that one year period between her engagement and marriage. They got to know each other more and with each passing day, their bond became stronger, and finally, the day flashed when she was getting ready for her marriage. Now, she is a happily married woman and enjoying every bit of her life just like the delicious breakfast cooked by her mother, whose aroma attracted both of them directly to the dining table. She is embracing her womanhood being a wife, a daughter, a sister and also a successful entrepreneur. She is serving everyone, poha, upma, tea and biscuits, and is happy and contented seeing the jovial mood of the family. She wants all of them to live like this, happily ever after.

Dropping the pen here, the scribbling has just ended. As writing is her passion, she will be back again with a new venture!



The story is written on the basis of all the memories the author had since her childhood, how she perceives them and learns from them to make her life, a better place to live. Sometimes she is smirked by the irony of the same incidents from her childhood and the present day, but she is matured enough so as not to regret over the past things. She now looks at every aspect of her life as it has got some hidden meaning in it. She lives her life to the fullest now and is more cheerful and happy.

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