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Dream Girl🤗

Romance Fantasy


Dream Girl🤗

Romance Fantasy

A Reality Show : Love Birth

A Reality Show : Love Birth

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Me and Jack entered in our room in melodious villa, New York. As we have to live in a shared room because we are participating in a couple reality show as a couple which we are not.

We reached our designation around 7:30 pm . Jack threw his bag on couch and said, "Take a shower first then let's go for dinner together."

I nodded and entered bathroom with my towel and pajamas. Then Jack entered bathroom after I came out I settled all the stuffs and then we went downstairs for dinner .

When we reached there we found there are couple tables arranged for each couple. The environment is very romantic.

He pointed toward a table and we sat there. These moments were seeming very pleasant to me as I am in love with jack, yes that's true I have fallen for him a year ago but failed to confess.

Suddenly we heard an announcement, "Good evening! welcome to all gorgeous couple present here, we are very happy to tell you that there is a twist in dinner,

So the twist is that you have to eat dinner without using your hands."

The expressions of excitement and shock can be easily observed on every face.

Then dinner arrived. "WHAT???!!!?" a sudden expression formed on my face because their is a soup for dinner.

As I seek towards Jack a small smirk formed on his lips. 

Everybody is thinking hard.

"How this could be done" I whispered.

Then I suddenly observed Jack moving his chair near me and after getting a comfortable position he asked, "Do you love me?" 

I was unable to believe on my ears .I asked, "what?" .

"Do you love me?" he repeated.

My face started burning as it was totally red. I nodded repeatedly making my fool in front of him.

He chuckles and take some soup in his mouth by tilting the bowl and smashed his lips on mine. My eyes widened. 

Then we finished the soup and noticed people watching us shamelessly. Then a sudden sound of clapping filled the hall breaking the awkward silence. 

I hide my tomato red face in his head due to embarrassment.

"I hate you" I said hitting his shoulder.

"I love you too." he chuckles and said wrapping his arms around me .

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