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Read #1 book on Hinduism and enhance your understanding of ancient Indian history.

A Priceless Trading

A Priceless Trading

2 mins 9.8K 2 mins 9.8K

No! There is no mistake! The face is so alike! The eyes are same! Even that ugly, big mole on his right cheek is also very much known to her. Only those wrinkles on the forehead and the grey hair hiding under the dyed black hair are unfamiliar as more than ten years have passed in between. Rose, with her teeth clenched and jaws set firmly, flees to the lone window of 9 by 7 room. She has lost to her past. Some incorrigible scenes are rising in the mirror of her mind just like a cinema. She recollects how her alcoholic, pitiless father sold his ten year old innocent daughter along with her mother! She feels restless by remembering all those nightmares. Down the streets the other prostitutes are trying to attract their customers with enticing postures and desperate scandalous behavior of making love. Staring at those scenes Rose feels very irritated as well as awkward.


Meanwhile, the customer inside the room does not want to wait any longer. He shouts, “Come on... Hey!... the whore... come to me... you bitch... don’t waste my time.”

“No... it’s not possible...” Rose is groaning.

“Haramzadi! I’ve purchased you for the night by 2000 bucks… You have to sleep with me…”

The drunk snatches her clothes from her body. He touched her shoulder then twisted, sliding his hand down her body and pulled her around in the bed. The feeble resistance of Rose has easily been defeated by the brute strength of the man. He pushes his fully engorged penis into her vagina forcefully and does not stop until and unless his sexual desire, his lust gets satisfied. Rose was helpless as she was already sold for that night.


But afterwards she does a splendid job. She throws the red 2000 rupees note on the face of that person and says,

“Take this money and get out of here. You do not have the ability to purchase my mother and me as well...”

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