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Thabarak Rahman Saahini

Abstract Drama Romance Horror Tragedy Thriller Inspirational Fantasy


Thabarak Rahman Saahini

Abstract Drama Romance Horror Tragedy Thriller Inspirational Fantasy

A Lesbian Rain

A Lesbian Rain

14 mins

Sameera is ready to meet Sahadulla after doing her Subuhi prayer (A prayer at five o'clock in the morning that has among the Muslim )

She rubbed the quality Sandel perfume on her armpit and happily wore costly panties then hummed Madan Mohan's beautiful Hindi song and dressed her favorite light blue jeans. Occasionally, she came from, her room is looking to know if Kusum arrived at the front door. Then she came back again stood in front of the mirror kept enjoying her beauty. But she felt sad and uneasy when she wore a black purdah over her favorite dress and a niqab over her beautiful face. Because she had spent a lot of time doing that makeup.

Sometimes, Sameera and Kusum, used to proud when looking the colourful dresses at their's cupboards, but it was for little time, but suddenly a sadness will come to both hearts when remember they should wear a black purdah over these beautiful dresses. At that time they will be cursing theirs' husbands and their's absurd religious systems that are destroying wives' freedom.

Has it needed for you? Kusum asked while they are walking to Sahadulla's house.

Yes, sure Kusum, this is the great chance to revenge my husband. I shouldn't waste this chance. He could come back only after five days from his mother's house. There didn't complete the repairs of his own home that he got as a share till now. Let him stay there for a few days with lizards and spiders. Kusum, do you know, his mother is a jealous lizard.

Sameera, I mean, what would we do, if Sahadullah refused?

No, I am fully confident. Can you say which land is without priests that wishful sex with other's wives? Moreover, you should know, it's easy to control a lovable man who waiting for sex than an elephant that ready for always to obey.

Kusum confused. Suddenly she recalled her religious master who once got the blow from Khan Sahib for he tries to do sexually abuse his granddaughter Kaiju. But, this journey to Sahadulla is with the permission of Sameera's husband. He has strongly believed Sahadulla's Unani medicines are capable to give them a child. Isn't it really absurd?

Sameera, I couldn't sleep yesterday when I had thought about this journey with you. Even now, the fear remains. I don't have enough courage as that you have.

Don't be panic, Kusum, but I had a sound sleep with a beautiful dream of the sex with Sahadulla. 

Kusum, I know very well what you are thinking about. I already know, his medicine won't give any capacity to my husband or me. I fact, he hasn't agreed till now the inadequacy is in his body, and moreover, he has accused me I am a barren woman. Kusum, how long we should wait for a change in our life?

Kusum didn't reply, she walked silently. She thought her childhood with Sameera who the bold personality. She always used suddenly took her decision for all the problems in our friend circle, and she prevent when the religious master's attempt sexual abusement to us.

The gate had opened. Kusum tightly held Sameera's hand. Sameera realized, that something like the unpredictable trembling that she was experienced as she sat in front of her husband for the first night was now climbing up from her feet.

Kusum, don't make me fear, I am feeling more fear when you are holding my hand. Please you should wait for me these visitor's hall, it seems he is in the room. Sameera looked at the name board, Seyyed Sahadulla (Unani), She again looked Kusum's face. Please wait for me. No matter how long I take, she whispered herself.

The sculptures from the Louvre Museum that he forgot the names were passed through his mind. He kept his glance at her again and again, enjoying her beauty.

Oh! Goddess Aphrodite, on the earth, he said unknowingly. I had never seen a woman with such a beautiful body before.

No, in your first consulting, you didn't say my name wrong.

Yes, yes, I know, but know you are very gorgeous now.

I am Sameera, I am called by my husband, his mother and other family members as a barren woman.

Oh, Sameera, why should we destroy these heavenly moments with unnecessary arguments?

I think, the argument between the minds that understand each other that will make more strongly their love, like the climax of Anton Chekov's one-act play "The Bear''.

Wow! What a parable. Command me, my mistress. I will try my best...

I know, Sahadhulla, here we can only live together for some moments, but each and every drops of these time that I with you, fully enjoy like the honey drops that are falling down from the wild beehive.

Sameera, please come beside me, let I enjoy your nudity's beauty.

Please wait, Sahadullah, why are so make haste. Is it for suddenly explode as my husband's vulnerable baloon.

Now, let I give you the first duty, you should remove my clothes one by one. Oh! My dear playmate, that's my wish.

When his breath touched her cheeks, she touched her lips to his lips to allow him for the first entrance of their's immortal sex.

I need your ten fingers, your lips, your whole body also for rubbing moving through my whole body.

Now, let me become a little breeze to slowly convert as a crazy wind to wrap your hip by my naked thighs.

Hey Sahadulla, have you ever been wet in the drizzled rain? Please soften your hands like drizzled rain to move over my softness to change me as moist soil.

She closed her eyes with an exotic imagination. She imagined being he is standing behind her. When he came through back and hold around her waist with his right arm, she felt that shiver again remaining under her feet. His lips moved softly through her back, neck, and then softly kissed her lips. At that time she remembered the dewdrops that fell from the clove tree to her face when she goes out to wash her face and hand for Subahi prayer.

Shahadullah, please don't avoid my right nipple, that's a big sin while sex.

She saw when she is opening her eyes, he starts to put off his clothes on.

Hey Sahadulla, wait, wait, why are you so hasty? Can you kneel in front of me to kiss between my thighs?

He obeyed her as she wishes.

When began to rise the sounds of ecstasy from the room, Kusum left the visitor's room and walked towards the garden. As she passed by near the window, she listened to their pleasure voices, she bites her nails with uneasiness. When she walks to the garden, once more gazed back to the gate fearfully to know whether that has closed. Though the gate was locked, a little fear raised in her mind. She felt the atmosphere is beginning to slightly darken. Yes, it's going to rain. She moved to the gazebo that situated the center of the garden.

Guava and pomegranate have ripe. She wondered how Sahadulla maintains his garden so pretty. She sat in the gazebo, with a confused mind. For the first time in her life in the morning rain, she is sitting in a beautiful garden attracting anyone. She thought sadly, Sameera and I had never gone till now to another place from Mughal Puram. Only Amina has gone from their friend circle to another place as Kaayal Pattanam (Kaayal Town). But recently, she got the news, her state is very pathetic more than them. Her husband is so extreme religious follower.

Kusum extends her hand to the raindrops then she softly rubbed her cheeks with the wet hand. She moved down her hand through her neck. When the raindrops are moving through between in her breasts that made an indescribable delight in her mind.

Kusum sat leaned on the gazebo chair by an unpredictable influence. When she looked occasionally to the closed window glass pane, she could see that the light had spread Sahadulla's room. When she has been trying to combine in her mind the shadow forms that hugged each other and the pleasure voices that she heard early beside Sahadhullah's room window, suddenly some porn images that Aamina secretly brought into their religious classroom to begin to come one by one in her mind.

Kusum remembered Aamina with gratitude, Oh, Aamina, the religious classes that were without you, do you know? It would have been how much so boring.

When I'm at home, I wasn't getting the leisure time that infiltrates in between our busy hours. So, I loved the solitary of midnight. I locked my room door to open the window panes, the moonlight that able to illuminate even my every tiny hair, that was naked me with its naughty hands. That was giving the desires and wings. I completely blossomed with the excitement it trespassed to inside. I used to open the porn book filled with plentiful stories and images that I borrowed from Aamina. I read the stories that can speak to my nipples. I loved the conversations that capable of wetting my thighs. I enjoyed my nudity by standing in front of my cupboard mirror. My cute body, my breast, then I used to, my wet hands that have the prime authority to fondle my body.

Aamina used to write to me. But, I don't like to receive Aamina's letter from my husband's hand. The letter from Aamina to me he used to open and read, then he will fold and keep in his pocket that mixed with sweat and perfume. The letter that he is throwing to the table with his sweet smell, it will always make me disgusting. So, I requested her to stop the letter that she is writing to me once every three months. I had heard what Sameera said. Amina is still writing letters to Kaiju. How fortunate girl is Kaiju, she has a lot of freedom, moreover, she is free to read the books she likes. I think, her family is more civilized than us. Now I am feeling regret to couldn't accept the invitation of Sameera that to meet Kaiju a few months back. Sameera showed me the book that Kaiju gave her as a gift, Alexander Kuprin's Bracelet of Garnet and other stories (the English version, printed in Russia.) Not a long-distance, the Khan Mansion is located where the Tobacco Street begins, just beyond Spices Street.

But now, I have a hesitation to meet Kaiju directly. I used to mock using with bad words her grandfather, whom the first atheist and in our village. Sure, your grandfather will change to hell's fuel. That word I have used almost like curse words. But, I have a shock when I remember we are now in a worse situation than hell.

How can I contact you again? Sahadullah asked when Sameera leaves from his room.

I am not a prostitute woman. When I need you, I will come here to find you. Anyway, thanks for your cooperation. She said as she wore her niqab.

Hey Kusum, what are you doing here?

She suddenly woke up from the daydream and get down from there. When walking through the damp grass, she felt the young grasses are giving pleasure to her under feet. In the pleasures of the wet rain, is with a hornet crying inside? She deeply longed for to lie down over those young damp grass to nakedly for the whole day.

Kusum suddenly shakes her Pardha and she wiped the raindrops on her feet with a kerchief before she wore her shoe.

Kusum, was there a heavy rain?

No, it's not that heavy rain.

Hadn't you know about the rain is falling?

Yes, I felt that the rain between us, but it was so good, even now there is a rain remaining in my inner world.

Hey, Sameera, tell me about the things in the room. Kusum asked her with pinching her waist when they return from there.

Kusum, are you crazy, you never changed. Hey, the naughty porn story reader, is there still remained in you a curiosity that had in our teenage time?

What a surprise, you can do it, don't I have the right to ask about it?

But, now, I have a wish that only he should only select me to share his exotic moments.

Do you love him seriously, Sameera?

I don't know, Kusum, but I want him for my lonely moments. I don't know, how to explain to you, about my love with him. Kusum I like his urbane beharviour and touch. He slowly bite me and make his fingers like a feather. Kusum, in coming days, if won't get that for me, Kusum, sure I will suicide.

Sameera, now you, seemingly in a dilemma, please hold my hand, though there have cold, very soon that will give you a little warm.

Kusum, his naked presence vanished my life's boredom.

He is a magician than an Unani doctor. Hey Kusum, sure, I would have eloped with him, if I met Sahadullah before my marriage. Now I understand he is a perfect fit of my body and soul. I feel, my heart is beating to go back to him, even when I take my footstep to my house. Kusum, again and again I want lay on his chest with my naughty movements and should drown by my orgasm. He know, how to stripped all cloths from a women and how to kiss her and how to running the fingers through a heatful female body. I like Sahadulla's breath that moves from my toe to vagina, that gave me a pure feel like a little cool breeze moved over the newly sprouted grass, Oh my God, I could see the heaven. Kusum, my husband, he could have give me minimum pleasure on my bed, but he he had shackled by his religious doctrines.

Kusum, do you know? Perhaps we are the only is discussing about sex toys, among in the girls in Mughalpuram.

Sameera took a long sigh with a smile...

Sameera, do you know, I have a collection of porn stories in my trunk box. Sameera, have you hear about the ancient book Kamasutra? I had heard that it has plenty of beautiful narration about how to live better. I sure, that will be better than our holy books.

Yes, sure, Kaiju has told me, it contains twenty-five percent of information about sex and seventy-five percent of information about how to make family life better and how to survive the crisis. Kaiju has that book. Once she had shown me. Kusum, don't look at me, I will never ask her. If you want that you should ask her directly. Why were you requested to Aamina to stop to write the letter to us? Or we could have asked her to buy that book from somewhere. She sure sends that for us. But, now she only writes to Kaiju. Why Kusum, you reduce your friend circle and isolate yourself like a cocoon.

Kusum bowed her head, She had nothing to answer. Don't worry, my baby, Sameera rubbed Kusum's cheek softly, Kusum slowly tried to smile.

Sameera, could you spend this night with me, today my husband won't be at home, moreover today is a full moon day.

Wow, have in your trunk box any new porn storybook?

Yes, a new lesbian storybook better than ever I read till now.

How did you hide these porn books from your Malik?

Once he asked, what was inside the trunk box under the cot. Suddenly I answered, my undergarments and napkins, Sameera, I don't know how did I answer that instantly. Until today, after that, he never asked the same question.

When they reached Kusum's house, it started raining again. Kusum hurried ran to the coconut shed to cover up the dried coconut pieces that piled up in the corner. It will be possible to worse if touch the humidity as like us when we will get older, she said with a sigh. Sameera stood behind Kusum looking to the ants that gathered to move the tiny coconut granules that spread on the tiled floor. She tried to inhale the pleasant smell of the coconut, then she moved to the little window that made for very thin light is coming to the shed. Sameera pulled the washed foreign blanket that was lying on the line and made a safe space in front of them. Sameera was sighed, she holds Kusum's waist and interlocked her fingers, then kissed in below of Kusum's ear.

Hey, Sameera, can't you wait until night? No, now. at this moment I have to taste this coconut piece before more dried. She pulled Kusum closer to her.

Kusum and Sameera sighed with a murmur, there the lesbian rain started to pour slowly from their mind.

Even at that tired moment, Sameera was chewing a coconut piece. If the rain continues, today we can't enjoy the full moon, Kusum said.

We didn't enter the house until now, Kusum said when she Sameera's hand removed from her abdomen. Sameera nodded, but she hugged Kusum tighter instead of waking up from there. Kusum noticed through the window, that the darkness again appears over her house canopy for ready to next rain.

We didn't enter the house until now, again Kusum said. Hmm, isn't this also like a house? Asked Sameera. Hmm, maybe, but I never slept here till now. But, Malik, many times he had used this shed as a place for sex with our maid when I was going to my mother's house.

Her name was Laiba.

Laiba, wow, what a beautiful name? Yes Sameera, you are right. A beautiful Hoorlyn of heaven, that was the meaning of her name. I will never forget that name, because, even after five years he had been whispering her name unknowingly when we having sex, Kusum took a long sigh.

Sameera, can you see? The mat that rolls up and placed on the corner, even now, there may be still remaining inside that her undergarments. Many times, I had shocked to see her naked beauty, I also had longed to sleep with her, so I forgot my husband's mistake. But, I sent her from here before she had pregnant.

Was Leiba your selection? No, it was his.

We can never compare Laiba's beauty to our Mughalpuram's beauty queen Selvi. Laiba is a lavender garden that lures anybody. Her wheatish complexion, skin, I won't forget that. I am sure, maybe she has a distant relationship with my husband's family. Every year five or six terms he goes for a long journey, I know, It's all aimed at Laiba's lavender.

Then why didn't you get divorced from him?

It was not necessary, he never hurt me with abusive words, he gently behaves to me, he did not abuse me till now by telling me I am a barren woman.

Sameera silently bowed her head for some moment. Silence, Silence, the silence in between them before the rain.

Kusum got up and went towards the window. The rain has begun. She hadn't looked at her house before precisely like this from here. 'For whom these flowers bloom, the yard where the children do not run', she felt humiliated herself. She added her abdomen against the wall. She remembered my husband had never talked about my drawbacks. She felt her difficulties were not so serious when she thought about Sameera's pathetic situation. Again she thought something and closed her eyes. When she opens her eyes the time it raindrops splashed her breasts she realized that Sameera was standing beside her. Sameera's fingers that moved over her breasts, it when began to creep down to her lower abdomen, Kusum again closed the eyes.

Kusum realized, someone is coming in front of the gate. But she couldn't recognize who because he held the umbrella. She hurries wore her undergarments and put the purdah on them, then ran to the gate.

Oh, was it Abbas Pillai?

I had come here for three hours before. I knocked on the door, but didn't have the response. Where did you go?

Oh, what does this old man need to know? Though felt the anger with him, she controlled herself.

I had some jobs in the shed.

Can I help?

No, no, that is almost done. Curious old man, he already knows my husband not here, that's why he asks me like this.

What was the old man asked to you?

Sameera asked to Kusum when she came back to the shed.

He is even willing to help me.

For what.

To drink water from our tender coconut.

Couldn't you have called him?

Crazy girl, do you know, he is older than your father.

They laughed, again laughed, then the rain became strong, they both again naked.


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