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The Stamp Paper Scam, Real Story by Jayant Tinaikar, on Telgi's takedown & unveiling the scam of ₹30,000 Cr. READ NOW

Thabarak Rahman Saahini

Drama Romance Fantasy


Thabarak Rahman Saahini

Drama Romance Fantasy

A Jackfruit In Heaven

A Jackfruit In Heaven

7 mins

My dear friends ...

This fiction [ A JACKFRUIT IN HEAVEN ] is going forward through the memories of protagonist Akram. In this journey, his sex and love take us to the riverbank of his memories, which also draws our attention to the contemporary world's crucial sexual relationships. His sex and orgasm with his girlfriends, if they make hurt to someone's dreams or morality, that will just be the coincidence.

Hello, my dear friends, I hope this story gives you a new reading experience. Come, let us go to Akram's, Kaiju and Mathu's and other's world. 

Thanking you.

Thabarak Rahman Saahini

Copyright © 2020

A jackfruit in heaven

As the hot summer wind passed over the statue of Mahatma Gandhi, hundreds of hands gripped strongly the umbrellas to prevent losing them in strong winds. Sameera lifted her face and looked at the kite excitingly, that moving against the clock tower in the park. When she saw to change the kite to golden colour from the pale yellow, a smile has blossomed on her lips like a child who has curious eyes.

Harami! Yousuf moved towards her to beat with crazy excitement. She suddenly regained her conscious and put properly her burqa and just escaped from his punishment. Sameera felt uneasy when she remembered about Yousuf's self-cooked advises to control her more through the way of religion. She remembered with anxiety, he has never been such as this person in the first years of their marriage. He was so romantic in their naked nights and even the daytime.

Why once my husband was insisting Jameela's husband, Jameela to should wear purdah? Even now that is existing in her mind as a mystery. Once when Sameera visits Jameela, Jameela complained Sameera about Sameera's husband. Why your husband anxiously thinks about my dress code?

And then Jameela taken away Sameera to her bedroom, she undressed in front of Sameera. Some moments Sameera stood with looked astonishingly her breasts and pubic hair on her abdomen. Look at my breasts Sameera, this is actually for my husband. He sucks my nipples properly three days a week and licks, fucks my pussy as it is possible. That's enough for me. You should say to your husband, don't waste his time to howl like a wolf with a look at my breast.   

Since then she had decided, once I will ask him about this incident Why did you have become a peeping tom?

Oh! sorry, my friends, I forgot to introduce myself, I am Akram, I am the protagonist in this novel. Perhaps you can see in me your right thought, sometimes, if you have a lot of thoughts about sex, there has a possibility that my thoughts will be creeping over your night dreams and sometimes that will give you great pleasure.

Now, I am seeing Sameera after three years, now she recognized me so she bowed her head as if she couldn't face me.

I have seen her first at our Khan Mansion along with Kaiju's friends. Once, Kaiju had introduced me to her.

Sameera, this is Akram, my cousin.

Assalamu alaikum.

But I replied as 'Hai' instead of Va Alaikum Assalaam. That time she looked on my eyes curiously.

Don't worry, Sameera, he is an Atheist.

Now, here, she is sitting along with some girl students, housewives, middle-aged women who are wearing the purdah beneath the statue of Mahatma Gandhi. Now, our street looks like a desolate pathway to the cremation ground. When we are seeing them under the black umbrellas, it will seem like the group of black mushrooms that anyone plucked from the forest and planted in our street. They have been waiting for their vehicle to participating in the rally against a school that had prohibited niqab on their's students. When the tea maker gives the tea for them, occasionally they have been looking anxiously into the street. But, here this is the very funny matter, the victims, themselves are led to the hunter's den.

Sameera wiped the sweat on her face. In the hot before monsoon, she had been burning under the purdah. She moves and sat under Kusum's umbrella, then she lifted her purdah's hand sleeve and showed to her the lengthy wound over her left elbow. It's my fault, Kusum, Sameera said, but this pain is very excruciating. I would have asked him permission if I had known he will give these types of severe punishment to these minor mistakes. Do you know? I was just going with my friend Aysha to buy a gold bangle in the town. But I didn't know that my husband would have arrived earlier. But at the urging of some inner voice, I gave the house keys to the nearest neighbor, Nazia. Sometimes, what if he would come early?

But, I had told to Naziya that I go with Aysha for buying ornaments. Now I understood, she didn't have informed my message properly to my husband.

In any conspiracy created against me from my husband's family, often I had recognized the Naziya's presence is hidden. On occasions like that, I know, she has carefully concealed her resentment and has been smiling at me the next day.

At that time, I ask myself, why Naziya these pretensions. Sometimes that blunt questions are stinging me, myself.

He was in the house when I came back. At that time I recognized a kind of ugly furiousness of dominance has arisen on his face. When the first blow is down on my cheeks, I couldn't hear any sound for some time. Suddenly I fell down unconscious. Even in the slightest memory, I had known it, the blow of the cane had been continuously falling in my body and buttocks.

I was knowing with experience, that even if we take whatever precautions to avoid their furious, they will despise and reject it. That night during our sex, I wished that if he had rubbed to the wounds on my buttocks. But he had been biting hard on my buttocks, like a crazy wolf. He hurt me very hard, that was not sex, torture. I know the difference between deliberate hurt and sex. But, I asked him with pain, if you want to punish me, you can avoid me from your bed for some days according to Sharia law. But his reaction was so excruciating than this wound's pain. He vomited very bad words towards me. Mad dog, he argued that if he does that I will get a chance to find a man to eloped from him.

The religious master's crazy fingers that deliberately pinch between her thighs when she makes the minor mistakes on her lessons, after her marriage the canes that her husband used to thas as a punishment on her buttocks, both of them she hated alike. She remembered, her master's rough fingers color and the cane's color are the same. Every night, when she examines the crimson color spot that had created by her master between her thighs, her mind will burn with pain when she seeing that crimson colors spread as a big black spot.

At that time, her mother used to tell her, Oh, it's no matter, this punishment will be your best way to be a better religious person, don't cry, my baby. Do you know, Obedience and hygiene is the half part of our faith. At that time her scream was freezing in her mind with bitterness. She expected, any girl's parents will ready to make a petition against the lecherous religious master, but none of them cared about it.

One day, when his crazy fingers start to move between her thighs, she stabbed in his finger with a big needle that she had hidden into her hand. One, two, three, she stabbed again.

He roared, harami, harami, wretched girl, I will punish you.

On that day night, she made a trap under her room roof, and then she called her mother with standing on a large stool and declared, if you insisting me to go the bloody religious class hereafter, sure I will hang myself here. After her marriage, she realized, that the husband she got was the result of a conspiracy that her religious master made against her. Her husband belonged to one of her religious master's relatives.

'Ya Allah, if I had a baby', Sameera pated her abdomen with a long sigh. Sameera, is it your problem? Kusum asked. No, it is his problem, Sameera replied while she threw away the empty teacup. Then she looked at the empty road.

Kusum, one day I will kill Yousuf, Sameera told. I want to live peacefully. Kusum saw on her eyes anger that covered with pathetic pain.

When heard it, Kusum didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Sameera, don't think like that, murder never a solution for anything. if you can't live with him, you should apply the divorce petition, that's the only way.

When Kusum looked at her face, she felt that Samira might cry.

Kusum hugged her and then rubbed her head. Sameera leaned to Kusum's chest. She looked with wonder, now, Sameera is being calm down like a child on her mother's lap. Hey, don't be nervous. Where are you lost your braveness that made envy in us in our childhood?

Kusum, can you suggest me any books to learn how to control our anger at extremely crucial moments?

May have. My mother had suggested on my childhood some lines from our religious books for avoiding that the anger to spread like an epidemic.

Kusum, what are you talking, I am trying to escape from the epidemic of religious absurdity that had destroyed my life, you talk the same religious stupidities.

Sameera, I know it's not useful but I just told you, I'm sorry.

Hey Sameera, do you haven't hear about Sahadhulla? I heard he has been giving the best organic medicine to have a baby. Yes, I had heard, but if I go for the medicine before him, sure I will conceive a cute baby, But it won't be my husband's baby, sure that will be a little Sahadhulla. Do you want any witness, sure I can give it right here among us.

They both laughed, they kept laughing it again and again, but their laughs suddenly were fading away by the sound of their's bus.

To be continued, My dear friends, I hope you liked this chapter. We shall see again in the next chapter, bye.


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