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"A Call From Me?"

"A Call From Me?"

4 mins

"Hello?" said a voice from the other side. The kids snickered as they had successfully prank called somebody. Sicily snorted as they cut the call without saying anything. "Day well spent, right guys? This was so fun!" said Trixibelle. "Definitely! Let's do this tomorrow too. I think this is my new hobby." Blurted Bexley. "Don't make this a habit! Remember you're disturbing people" said Trixibelle. Silence, as everyone recalled the last prank call of the day. You see, they had never had so much fun when they hung out. It was almost as if they had discovered a new thing to do. "Trixi, your mom's here!" Yelled Sicily's mom as they stood quietly in Sicily's room. "See you tomorrow!"

Sicily lay in bed for the next 15 minutes wondering what the next day would bring and how she was so very grateful for her best friends. She picked up her phone and started typing in their group chat.

Sicily is typing….

"Hey, guys! Well, this was fun. How 'bout we meet up soon tomorrow at 10? Sounds good?"

Trixiebelle is typing….

Sure! At Coco's?

Sicily is typing….


Bexley is typing….

I'll be a little late… I'll come around 10:30

While on the way to the coffee shop Trixiebelle though it would be a good idea to call the same number they did last time. The one they did at the last. She seemed like a nice lady so why not?

It was hot and humid outside so they decided to sit inside in the café.

Trixie found her chance and shared her idea with her friends. Of course, after Bexley arrived. Surprisingly, they agreed! Even Trixiebelle was surprised that they agreed to this silly thought of hers.

"So what are we waiting for? Bring out the phone!" sighed Trixiebelle, clearly annoyed.

Bexley pulled out her phone and started searching for the same number. Eventually, she found it and dialed it.


"HELLO." Said Bexley in the deepest voice she could do.

"Yes…" The voice on the other side clearly knew it was a prank from the way she sighed but still decided to play along.

"WHO ARE YOU AND TELL ME YOUR NAME BECAUSE WE'D LIKE TO ORDER PIZZA!" Trixiebelle shouted even though it made no sense. How does a person's name relate to pizzas?

"I'm 28 years old and my name is Trixiebelle. What do you want mister?"

The kids were clearly terrified at the coincidence that the woman sounded exactly how Trixie would sound in a few years and also that the woman's name was Trixiebelle.

"MISS TRIXIEBELLE I AM DEWEY O'CONNER. I WOULD LIKE TO ORDER A PEPPERONI PIZZA." They couldn't think of any other guy's name so they used Trixie's dad's name.

"Funny! That's my dad's name. Anyways, you have the wrong number, have a great day."

The line cut off. The 3 stared at each other in complete silence and terror.

"Do you guys think this was the 28-year-old Trixie?"

"Well she did say she was 28 and her name was Trixie but I know what you're talking about. It can't be! We can't talk to our future selves. Or can we?" said Trixiebelle trying to add mystery.

"Well, we won't know for sure till we ask her other things Trixie did right now to see if she remembers them as childhood memories. Or something like that. We could also ask her personal details that only Trixie would know. But let's leave it for another time! Bye guys!" said Bexley.

They left in complete silence and went home. Nobody texted or called each other since 11:30 last afternoon.

Bexley is typing…. 

"Guys???? Hello? Okay so let's meet up today at Coco's again. We've gone too long without talking about the 28-year-old Trixie. Everyone comes at 12 ok? See you there"

---Sicily and Trixiebelle have read your message---

The next day they met at the café.

They immediately called the woman which Bexley had named 'Older Trixiebelle'

"You already named her! We don't even know for sure if she- Ugh just make the call" said Trixie.

"Hello! Please stop calling and I'm now going to block you." The friends decided to intervene quickly by saying ' Wait, do you remember being hit by a car and you got hurt in the head?" This was something that happened recently. About a month ago. 

"Yes, yes I do. I was quite young about 13 or 14 but how do you know this?" As she waited for an answer the girls had already found theirs. This was 28-year old Trixie. The girls were absolutely shocked and immediately cut the phone. 

The girls did stay in touch for the next 14 years but soon became distant. And forgot about the 28-year old Trixie they had encountered in their early stages. 

Everything was going fine as the phone rang in Trixie's residence and a deep voice answered "HELLO".

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