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Wounded Whale

Wounded Whale

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O Woe laded Whale! 

No more now you sail.

Heart rending is its tale

Under water fellows feel, not just fail.


Wounded you are

By your waters that mar.

It is not clear so far

Whale versus water: a war


Water that cheers, scares too.

Water that cures, injures too.

Water that preserves, ruins too.

Water that saves, kills too.


Such waters take rounds and rounds.

Helplessly are honest emotions bound?

Unshaken unruled by neither pence or pound,

A fare freedom ferry not to be found.


To see through the pain

Meek minds so much drained.

Humanity in the heartless hard chained

World of drought, so much not rain.


In this world

Are there enormous waters prickly?

The hands that feed.

Does sometimes slaughter sickly.

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