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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

shruti chowdhary

Drama Action Inspirational


shruti chowdhary

Drama Action Inspirational

What Is Life ?

What Is Life ?

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It is really hard to define

About the crucial line 

Yet is to be explained 

To the people who have complained

Life is short as we know 

You can make it along with your bow

With a pleasing smile and gentle nature'

That's life want from each creature

Life is like a wave

With the crest of fall and trough of success

Don't be depressed and morose

But come out with flushing jocose

Life is bringing together

When you see millions breaking

With a soft speech of your love 

Life for you will be like blooming flowers

Life is like a silence path

Don't sit but continue your walk

Do noble deeds on your way

You'll enjoy life with glittering gay 

Life doesn't demand isolation

It incites you to face the situation

Then you'll find your dreams come true

Live the life fully, that's your destination

Life is like a spiders web

Have the courage to break the net

Then you won't find life frustrating

But crave for one more living

Life gives you jerks of experience

God gives marks on your performance

Competition is there, don't miss

It will lead you to ultimate bliss

Don't curse the life you are given 

Think of those speechless creatures

No one is there to listen to their feelings

Thank God! For you, life has some meaning

It has many things in store for you 

Hope you understand now a bit about life

Have a big heart, learn to survive 

Life is a bed of roses and thorns 

As days the nights adorn 

You are a blessing, sweetly born.

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