Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win
Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

Janki Hemani



Janki Hemani


What About The Man

What About The Man

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What about the man in the woman,

Who works day & night so his family can survive 

He wakes up early morning, sleeps late at night and

Does overtime in a job that is nine to five

Everyone in the family appreciates his wife for

Being a superwoman but nobody looks at the man who supports her all the time

Yet he doesn’t complain, he smiles and goes to the shop

Outside his house to drink soda with lime,

The newspapers discuss laws that would

Help in protecting women from all types of crimes

But they do not talk about the man

Who teaches his daughter to fight when she faces difficult times

They say that this world is not safe because there is a man standing outside her door

The media is not interested in writing about the man who stands for justice yet is uncared for,

Everyone greets her with flowers for the support that she extends

For making her life so beautiful nobody asks him what he expects

There is a special day to celebrate the glory and success of a woman

So why don’t we have a day to celebrate the contribution of her man?

She cooks, cleans, takes care of her family every single day

To make her smile on difficult days he goes out of the way

We have enough laws to protect our damsel in distress

But now we need some regulations to protect our men who are in stress

The men who exploit women should be prosecuted 

But the women who lie and blackmail men should also be arrested 

We want to be protected from harassment

That’s why we started the slogan “Me too”

To stand against the women who misuse the law,

The time has come to start the campaign of “He too”

I am not a feminist, I believe in equality for all

I don’t want to be treated special, I just want credit for work done on my own

My strength comes from my father, my husband, and my brother 

Who always taught me not to feel let down by another,

On this woman’s day let’s celebrate real freedom

Instead of blindly supporting women who lie in the name of feminism 

Let us express gratitude to the man who helps you become a woman

Let us create a world where no one asks what about the MAN in the woMAN.

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