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Rekha Maity

Tragedy Crime Thriller


Rekha Maity

Tragedy Crime Thriller

We Women

We Women

3 mins

With time everything changes 

The only thing that doesn’t change 

The condition of women 

As she was 100 years ago

She is the same as she was. 

She was exploited 

She was underestimated 

She was abused 

She was killed 

She was blamed 

She was raped

Nothing has changed in this era

She shouldn’t choose her career 

She shouldn’t go out at night

She shouldn’t put on shorts 

She shouldn’t go to clubs 

She shouldn’t choose her partner 

She shouldn’t have male friends 

She shouldn’t oppose her husband, in-laws, parents 

She shouldn’t raise her voice 

Against all discriminations and exploitations

She should follow culture and traditions 

She should follow whatever said 

She should bear every torture quietly 

She should be a puppet

 control in the hands of others

Life stocked between these two words 

Should & Shouldn’t.

Whatever she would become 

An astronaut, a pilot, an IAS, or an IPS officer 

An actress, police, A lawyer, or a sports person 

No doubt she has got these opportunities 

But still in the views of some men 

She is still an object

With no life, pains, feelings, and expressions 

Whether she is an infant, a kid

A young lady or an old woman 

A lady under burkah or a girl in shorts 

Her status is only a sexual toy 

It’s the choice of men how to use it

Play with it or damage it brutally 

Or destroy it completely 

No punishment no imprisonment 

No allegations no opposition 

Because she is a lifeless materialistic object

It’s not our opinion 

It’s the law system of our country 

Years after years goes on 

Culprits are in comforts

 either behind the bars or 

Enjoying life with full-fledged freedom 

Who is the culprit?

The rape victim or rape accused?? 

Actually the rape victim 

Several times raped mentally 

She has accused herself of being raped

It’s the opinion of society 

She provoked men for rape on various grounds

Caste discrimination, love refusal, independent living, and choices 

Parents advise daughters to remain at home 

To prevent rape

Are girls really safe :

inside homes, schools, offices, workplaces? 

No and never 

Why parents don’t teach moral values to their sons?? 

Why aren’t they taught :

Respect all girls and women as like their own mother, sister & daughter 

Rape is not physical abuse, it’s mental abuse. 

Where is the media now? 

They discuss the whole time on unnecessary matters.

Why are they so quiet in these cases? 

A candle march or protesting on social media 

Would really bring a drastic change ???

No and never 

Needs a revolutionary change 

Needs modification in the law system

Needs total support of citizens 

Culprits should be sentenced publicly 

Should give the same pains & torture

It’s the time for a tit to tat 

Not for wait and watch 

We think that it doesn’t happen to me

I am safe, God is with me

The time has changed 

It was in Mahabharata 

Lord Krishna saved Draupadi 

There are numerous Draupadi's now

But no Krishna is there to protect them

That time there were few Kauravas

Now there are lakhs of Kauravas

Behind the masks 

Let’s make a decision 

Throw away 

Such cheap mentality men

Kill their existence 

Fight for justice 

Fight for our respect.

Fight for our existence 

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