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Priya Singh



Priya Singh




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The lonely lanes covered the remains of the destruction.

The houses once filled with cheerful faces were filled with scary silences.

The roads were deserted and wore the burnt of the deceased.

Once a cheerful city converted to ruins and all it took was just a few minutes.

And all it took was just a little science and a little hatred.

The remains tell the story;

How that day the sun rose in the sky to destroy.

It rained but rained destruction.

The wind blew with an aim to bury those cheerful faces.

It was the sun of war, rain of hate and wind of enmity,

Which wiped the whole human race.

An aeroplane flew over in the clouds.

The poison was not too big, not even the thousandth of those cities itself.

But seconds after it dropped down, sent the whole earth into the sky.

Clouds covered in black; rained black.

It seemed as if sun came down with all its ferocity and vaporized even the hardest shells and bones.

The city still bears those scars, those wounds, and blood clots.

The ruins of the houses still wears those smiles but with sadness in their eyes.

Once the glorious city bores the saddest past.

Reprimanding over the past, sometimes it feels advancements in science are bad omens.

Looking over our outrageous human race, sometimes I question; really human are the advanced creation of almighty?

Question went answered then, and today too.

Children were and are left homeless while parents became prey to guns and bombs.

Cities after cities were left and are left with starving kids roaming on once called "roads" naked or in rags.

While the prosecutor plays the role of sympathy and lives in the shade of hundred men under all luxuries.

I guess humans are the intelligent creatures for once in future which is not so far will be responsible for their own extinction.

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