Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win
Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

Anushka Agarwal

Abstract Others


Anushka Agarwal

Abstract Others

Walk From Present To Future

Walk From Present To Future

3 mins

My heart still beats around his words,

“Come to my world of sights and sounds”.

He was the only one, my little stout friend

Who treasured, this color palette around.

“I am coming…” I whispered,

My echo traveled through the mountains,

The sky, the royal blue sky,

Endless and vast as the ocean.

The shades of white dispersed the clouds,

The sun shone bright as a flower in full bloom.

My car sprinted across the wet fields,

My lungs filled with pollution free air,

Refreshing breeze, the sweet smell of soil,

The melodious chirps rang in my ears.

I saw him, standing tip toes,

Waving his branches fervently at me.

I saw him, my childhood best friend,

Tears rolled down my eyes,

Yes, he remembered me.

He was still the very same,

His branches forever strong and proud,

His leaves overflowing with colors of joy,

His thick hard bark ready to embrace me.

I sprinted as fast as lightning,

My thoughts wandering to memories,

My blurred eyes only seeing him clearly.

The cool wet grass tickled my bare feet,

As I ran across the verdant field.

His tight arms enveloped around my body,

I could smell his earthy aroma!!

Oh! it was so very godly.

Two butterflies came flying around,

One red, one blue and brown.

I ran behind them,

Mesmerized by the various sounds,

The chirps of the birds,

The buzz of the bees,

The rustle of the blades of those magnificent leaves.

They took me to an orchard,

Full of fruit laden trees.

I smiled looking in the river,

Glancing at their reflection in its mirror.

One in my hand,

A piece in my mouth,

Dripping all over without any doubt.

Darkness took over light in no time,

But the studded sky had its own shine.

They were as wide as the milky way,

Making me want to live here forever,

To always stay.

But then a thought captured my heart,

Crumbled it into many pieces, broke it apart.

“Will my children get to see this paradise?”,

“Will the future generations get to tickle their sensations likewise?”

I whispered softly in a voice below 20 hertz.

“Yes, they will”, came a lightning sound.

“Yes they will, if in everyone's heart you make this thought resound”

My whirlpool of thoughts,

Drowned me in its expanse.

We need to do something now,

Or it will be too late,

We have no time,

We just cannot wait.

Remove the dark clouds,

From our Mother Earth,

Give her love,

Plant more trees,

Keep her clean,

Or the future will suffer.

Sorry dear, sorry dear, sorry dear,

Are the only words we will later say.

Sorry dear we made it this way,

Sorry dear we enjoyed killing our home,

That we have started this black age.

We have ruined our mother, our planet Earth,

The one, who nurtured us, and gave us birth.

But there is still time; we must realize,

Or later; it will become too late,

And for our realization, nature will not wait.

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