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Sharique Jamal



Sharique Jamal


Uneasy Silence..

Uneasy Silence..

1 min

From spring to autumn,

From blossom to fall,

Dark swarms of locusts,

Have descended on us.

Worse than war, for the enemy unknown,

Some depressed, some introspective,

A strange tale to tell our grandchildren,

Of empty streets and wailing sirens.

No serendipity, no luck to aid us,

All confined, finding spaces in mind,

What consolation, what false promises,

Millions without bread, children sold,

Organs being offered, such desperate measures,

Who can fathom, a basic survival instinct,

A primitive stage of aggression,

For the privileged few who have gained,

In castles, they bargain,

While beggars stand for justice.

What travesty, what error, have we provoked,

The wrath of Lord is unrelenting,

Even Angels are tired, carrying souls,

So many more lost childhood,

So many more last leaves.

From dawn to dusk,

We just bide,

Shall we see another day,

Or bid adieu to unforeseen times,

None knows, none cares,

Seven months and counting,

Waiting for doves to fly again,

Maybe a change of order, a second renaissance,

Who knows the big picture,

Maybe for the better, a purging,

A cleansing much needed,

No more crossroads,

A new path may be shown.

Hope is the only lamp,

Humanity is the only link,

A razor's edge we tread,

For the path of truth, in months of caged exile,

Let the candle be lit now,

And from darkness to light,

Let the order be, for redemption or awakening,

Or the world,

Shall lose faith in all.

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