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Maitri Singh Tomar



Maitri Singh Tomar


Too Fortunate To Handle

Too Fortunate To Handle

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It all started with the beginning of my semester,

Opportunities came in like people passing by me.

Had no friends at all for almost four years after school,

I started to wonder if the fault was within me,

God, I was such a fool!

Events, competitions, conferences, and discussions,

Brought me close to many like-minded people with the same mental wavelength.

I feel thrilled with all the enthusiasm and energy within me,

Well, you don’t have to be mad about this,

‘It’s just the brand new kind of me”, as said by Alicia Keys.

My talent is, at last, getting recognized in various fields,

Music, sports, writing is a few but are not limited to these.

Strange enough, but it seems that God is being over-generous with me,

I hope this happiness isn’t short-lived and helps me set myself free.

Such great are the chances laid ahead of me,

It feels somewhat difficult to believe that I found back that old lady.

She got lost somewhere while trying to live up to everyone’s whims and fancies,

No possible hope was left until God himself handed over the clover with three leaves.

Who knew that life is full of surprises like this for real, and is not a fantasy,

With so much hidden in its store and just the tip of the iceberg to see…

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