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Raghavi Vijayaraghavan

Abstract Drama Inspirational


Raghavi Vijayaraghavan

Abstract Drama Inspirational

The Wonder Warriors

The Wonder Warriors

2 mins

The wind came on whistling and whirling about,

Hankering ever to have his own way,

Stole over the sleepy leaves of a stubby tree

The leaves at first slighted his overture

And went on they, with their dreamy repose,

But he was not one to be played down

Relentlessly he pursued them on,

Being the philanderer he was,

Wooing one here, brushing past a bunch there

The bestirred leaves, beset with anger

Assailed him as much as they could

Screeching in unison, in a bid to scare him out of his wits

He laughed and lilted at their naivete

Continuing his course to court many a leaflet,

Seize and sweep her away by her stalk

But the boughs convulsed as ones possessed,

Resounding with the screams of the leaves

'Go away! Go away! Stay at bay'

A terrible tussle thus ensued between many

And one, but none willing to give in,

Ever squeaking, squealing and squalling

The gale got mad at being mauled at

By so many creatures frail and feeble,

Thus tyrannized them to fall in line with his wishes

He blasted and bellowed, spewing out billows

Of dust, spouting them far and wide,

Shaking the life out of the tree along their path

The leaves begged of the bark, trusted the trunk,

Besought the branches and rooted for the roots

To stand strong and stay put till they sway the enemy away

The roots agreed, the trunk acquiesced

The bark and the branches followed,

All determined to decimate the dastardly villain

Stand motionless they did, five as one

Fighting it out against the demon

With an onrush of gritty gutsiness, anon

The incensed storm heaved out to beat them about,

Lashing them on with his sweat,

Swelled with tears of anger and agony athwart

Finally, the fiend began losing his tenor

For he was sucked and stript of his strength

As he had wasted it down on the warrior wenches

He repented, at last, shedding gallons of icy tears

For being a brat, so spoiled and soiled,

Bowed down and wept away, vanquished.

The tree tried and tired, but still standing tall

Smiled jubilantly with its jewels of beaming leaves

Ever living up to the epithet 'The wonder warriors'

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