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The Road Legs Yearned For...

The Road Legs Yearned For...

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I still can forget not

The moment that I fought

With my exploding emotion

To cause not a sanity erosion

As I heard my name

That I felt shot up to fame

Read out as a would-be Worker of that Firm

Making the unlucky, squint and squirm

My days then dawdled in dreams

Resonating with soulful screams

Of going to own a lot, that I once coveted

My interests all thus riveted

Towards piling up coins and bills

Shutting down my substantive skills

Poor lass! I missed to harness

The long dormant adroitness

Of mine, towards crafting the alphabet

Into seamless word sculptures that would abet

My pursuit for exploring the nuanced

Expanse of the language, as my lexical flair ensconced

I became ignorant of my incubating potential

To carve words, with my ambitions turning bestial

In the ecstasy of the euphoric melee

Which the enticing offer was wont to waylay

Our otherwise humble existence

With its alluring aurae of opulence

A good while later I repented for my blunder

Of putting my heart and brain miles asunder

Of trampling my passion with all my arrogance

For the sake of raking up a credit balance

Of nurturing the saplings of a mercenary penchant

And subduing the linguistic spirit, once trenchant

Perhaps all is not lost, not just yet

My head needs just a bit of fodder to whet

The torpid talent to thread words together

Whose presence is now nigh, not nether

My dwindling devotion to work as it gets cantankerous

For I have realized, craving for wealth is cancerous

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