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The Deer And The Wolf

The Deer And The Wolf

2 mins 388 2 mins 388

I once spotted a deer

Amid a bunch of a bushy reed

Grown among grasses dying to wed

The crystal drops of dew

There the creature was, without a ward

Urging any hand with a brush to draw

Its golden body held an aura in the desolate moor

Bewitching the beholder, leaving no reason, a room

The deer thus shone and drove me nuts

For a moment, my senses were all in stun

If ever a thing can lure when it lived

It was the deer, as does the devil

I felt a surge of passion to loot

This treasure by hook or crook, using any tool

But lo! I then had an impulse in my gut

Though the strings of my heart did tug

To make of the deer, the wretched bird

That the ancient mariner had had to drib

The cruelty clung on me like many bats

That my conscience tried in vain to stab

I pointed my weapon so that its tip

Trailed my prey, eyeing to plunge down a pit

I aimed to shoot it down like a dog

The religious would exclaim, 'Oh My God!'

Yes! I pulled the pistol's lever

Oh! Curse me not! I did not in the least revel

Perhaps it was just a swing in mood

That spelled the poor thing's doom?

Or was it avarice? Was it anger? I know not

But from thence I unravelled myself to me in ways, a ton

The deer was for me the wolf

Within, grumbling always, unquenched by the flow

Of wealth, craving for more meat of raw

Riches, waging with my peace a money-thirsty war

But I can see it all plainly now

That it was my grit to vanquish my greed, that had won

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