Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win
Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

My 'Stage' Transformation

My 'Stage' Transformation

3 mins

I was caught in the seminar net at last

That which I prayed for to become lost

Forever for good, as my nerves, taut

As they were, can further be tested not

I cowered behind my pal's head

As well as I might, to let shed

The chances of being dragged

On to the stage and get hagged

The teacher's rolling and roving eyes

Rested finally on me, as do the dice

Once rolled, often rest at the number,

A misfortune to the playing member

I got increasingly edgy and fidgety

As the days moved on with frigidity

My nightmares strove not to cease

Fizzling out the mere morsel of peace

The Day finally arrived with a bang

I faltered fatally when within the fang

Of the teasing and tittering audience

With new highs set by my insipience

Then on, I flinched from the threshold

Of the stage, as can a mortal withhold

From something making them quail and wail

Yet in essence so simple a skill to nail

I saw the fact as plain as daylight

That I cannot go anywhere aright

With this obvious freaking fright

Chopping off my chances to grow upright

Desperate I was to break the hold

The stage had on my nerves' fold

But the very thought of getting near

The podium, let my saneness veer

The stage-sickness needs to be slewed

Though sounding crazy if construed

When I started slipping into a fantasy

World, where my elocution would run racy

The virtual world started to allay

My anxiety and merrily made play

Of my oratory, it did slowly sabotage

That demonic image of the stage

To feel the fruition of my contrivance

I stepped forward to many a conference

Faltering pathetically at all attempts

Yet not once saw myself with contempt

There were many a giggle and chortle

When my timid voice would dartle

The eerily silent hall from the dais

Evoking ridicules without a bias

I received all this as well a wall

Would, so that nothing could stall

The mission to transform my persona,

Inspire awe with my wits as the corona

After an age of hides and not one seek

Success came at last when I did speak

On a paper in front of a think tank

All alone with no one else to flank

A tiny recognition was the cash reward

But indeed it slaughtered the coward

Within the girl, whose path was after all

Full of pitfalls thus prone to freefall

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