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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Varsha Madhulika



Varsha Madhulika


The Umbrella Protection

The Umbrella Protection

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When I stayed with my parents

Every guiding word appeared like correction

Every concern looked like interference

And every help like a burden.

And I always wanted to be free

Free to do things my way

Free to live as I want

Free to be my boss all the time.

And my wish was fulfilled

When I joined college and stayed in a hostel

Life was awesome blissful

With all friends around and no one to check.

Partying the whole night

And alcohol became the right choice

Little did I realize

Where I was drifting off.

That was the time my test was online

That was the time when I have to choose

Between the moral, my parents imprinted

And desire that has just now bloomed.

Tug-of-war was rolling within my brain

Which consents to stick to lessons

While the lust is aggressive to snatch

What it has just now smelled.

I don't want to miss the beauty in my eyes

Nor do I wish to give up on what I learned

So what is right I do not know

And that was the time I realized, how my parents encompassed us.

For every though time

They had a solution fine

For every backslide

They had a stair to climb.

Out of their years of experience

They spoke to us with such concern

So that in time to come when I face the situation

I fear not but climb up right in their light.

Today is the day, I realize

There is no match for parents

Who cares always despite how we are

Because they know we need them always.

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