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West Wing

Drama Romance


West Wing

Drama Romance

The Lass That Is Gone

The Lass That Is Gone

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When I saw that lass in the Mist of cold

I got so nervous, I couldn't speak

In that very moment

I know my life had found its missing piece.

Her face was shining like the northern star

Her eyes was sparkling like a diamond

She stood there for a while and watched me burn like a fire.


When she was gone from my sights 

It felt like an empty street

Like an empty house

The emptiness inside my heart was bigger than my room.

I tried to read 

I tried to work

I tried to laugh 

But I can't try to stop thinking.

I can't tell you what it really is

I can only tell you what it feels like

Over and over I thought

And know this feeling won't go away

Till my life is through.

I wonder how

I wonder why

Reaching for the love that seems so far

So I closed my eyes 

And hope my dreams will take me there

Where the skies are blue

Across seas from coast to coast

To find the place I love the most

Where the fields are green

You by me, Love for you

You for me, all that I need.

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