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Pragnya Rath



Pragnya Rath


The Illusion

The Illusion

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Looking at me now,

What do you see?

The girl you left broken,

Young, wild and carefree.

But, Alas! My love,

The girl you see,

Is a loner trying to swallow her sorrows,

In wine and tea.

Her wild ravan hair seems to

cascade down her shoulders gracefully,

but only her room's walls know 

in anger, she was going to tear'em free 

Her wrists dance along the rhythm 

But only the blades know,

how much they have to fathom.

Her hair curls around her neck delicately 

But only the fan on the ceilings know ,

what she plans lately.

Oh darling !

You think the girl dancing wild,

Is me?

You couldn't be more wrong, my love 


She is an Illusion!

And yet she dances better than me,

Loves harder than me,

And lives fuller than me.

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