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Venkatesh R

Abstract Classics Inspirational


Venkatesh R

Abstract Classics Inspirational

The Gratitude

The Gratitude

2 mins

You raised him, with pain and suffering,

You materialized yourself out of a vacuum for his survival.

Your guidance survived the storm of his inception from the womb of the mind.

The grief forgery outrage of the creator's emotion made him substantial.

As he evolves a part of you and you hold up him by losing part of yourself in the malignancy planet witnessing you as an entity.

The apprehensions and your hypothesis made him what he is today.

While putting up with him, you relinquished your vigor and were depleted by the pain and abuse from the creator.

Your innocence puts up him, by being extraordinary from the crowd of breeds.

You will not take stardom for your role.

He is frivolous, without you and your soulmate.

You may get supplanted by your sort when it comes to creating life.

The esprit you have erected 

creates a narrative story and 

sends a statement.

Though the credit goes to the architect,

It's pleasant to see your essence in him, by providing him with immortal life, as he often gets attention in the museum as part of the amenity collection.

The painting, photography, and writing get applauded and credits go to the artist, but the canvas, gadgets, integrity of the scuffle, and dyes often get dismissed in the exuberance of the art, its an attempt to share the stage with every cell of the art, though each piece of art depicts a theme its the stem cells that lay the foundation to live. The meaning of life.

The poem is a thanks note to those cells and the universe which gave them an opportunity for the artist to convey his ideas.

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