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The Forever Love

The Forever Love

2 mins

Love! Love! Love!

I'm passionately in love with love.

At times, words don't suffice to tell how that feels.

Sacrificing for each other is love.

The soldier who lives miles away for his family,

Sacrifices his sleep, food and shelter.

Yet, continue to do that.

He does these to make her feel comfortable.

Trusting each other is love.

Even when he/she crosses thousands of beautiful women

And handsome men,

You still know they are yours.

Is it wonderful to know they are completely yours?

Even when there are a hell lot of attractive people in this universe.

Ha, love is magical.

Understanding each other is love.

When your partner doesn't find time to be with you,

Or when there is an important meeting on your date.

You still let them be busy with their schedule,

Since you know they were equally excited us you,

To spend time with you.

Giving freedom to each other is love.

When your love gives you the independence to do anything you want,

Yet you know at the end of the day,

You're dependent on him and he is dependent on you.

Since, you need each other.

Love is being passionate.

When their happiness matters to you the most above yours.

When you support them to achieve their dreams.

When you see the universe residing in his/her eyes,

Every time you look into.

The unsung love story of forever.

I have ever seen is my papa and mamma.

They don't constantly yell "Miss you's and Love you's".

They don't often hug and kiss each other.

But my papa knows what makes my mother angry and

My mamma knows what makes my father happy.

The cutest couples I have ever lived with.

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