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Chetna Sarkar



Chetna Sarkar


The Dark Behind The The Glimmers

The Dark Behind The The Glimmers

3 mins

Amidst the reverberating applauses and those glimmers of lights,

They stood, joining and waving hands,

On an elevated platform of success and wealth,

Showering care and kindness with a token of their benevolence.

Their presence faded in a veil of smoke, as the show ended,

With the departure of spectators, hopeful of new beginnings.

I choose the path where reality ceased, and it was the very day I walked towards the veil.

Unaware of the consequences and driven by curiosity, hence, losing all my senses, I went there.

Waving the last trail of smoke, with my hands,

I encountered an enormous board in gold,

Where Letters were engraved by studding diamonds,

Stating ‘A Dream City that can’t be departed ever !’.

Gazing at that astonishing board, I was drifted in my thoughts, questioning my conscience,

Is this real or an illusion of my eyes?

As the warning of the people echoed in my head,

Gathering all my courage, I stepped in, in ‘THE DREAMLAND’.

While walking and walking down the lane,

I came across an extravagant giant door, with a name plate of ‘GLAMOUR WORLD’.

The sight of the Glamour World left me speechless.

Stars disinfecting themselves, who were lastly seen helping the helpless.

The practice sessions for building, so called idol personalities were going on,

Along with hard work of scripting innumerable speeches to feign modesty.

With a long-lasting wait for the star kids to finish their tantrums,

They squashed and tortured the newbies, for getting favors as ransoms.

Terrified by what I saw, I ran for a relieve,

But came across another giant door named ‘GAMES FOR POWER’ which was hard to believe.

As I entered the room, I saw the justice lady and the constitution on auction,

And offers on short term courses for propaganda mobilization, fascism and tricking the public with fake affection.

The business tycoons puppeteering the whole system with strings of black money,

While the politicians planning policies to conceal their ' Poor Oppression Mission’ whose measures are dirty.

I realized the relief that I was seeking, is far foregone.

But I still tried and headed into the third room which was named ‘DELUSIONAL TRUTH’.

So it was the department, manufacturing illusions for keeping the reality at the bay.

The rookies were fed lying pills, and the truth seekers were squashed under the headlines of 'Accidents' to decay.

Training centers were ran for teaching the blaming game, to target the innocents and disguise the evils like rapists,

Which were funded by the stolen public's money in the name of development, one of the many ways from the 'To be Good Formulas' lists.

My heart ached, wondering how low can humanity stoop.

But I realized there’s some more horrific truth waiting for me, as I entered the forth one called 'NEW WORLD RELIGION’.

The places for worship stood on the pillars of discrimination, made with ingredients of casteism, racism and gender inequality,

While the biased ideologies of so called saints established their own partial perceptions, igniting the fires of religious warfares in frivolity.

As the real scriptures were burnt to ashes and the meaningful teachings of Mohammad were forgotten,

The ancient gods got replaced by the statues of themselves, for occupying the center stage of fame and people’s devotion.

I couldn’t bear this more, for not even a moment, so

I turned back and stared walking towards the door in a haste.

And suddenly a voice was heard over the speakers,

It said “There’s no escape. It would be better if you join us”.

Terrified by this, I ran, as fast as I could until my feet bled,

Evading the executioners and their bullets at my best.

Still now I am running from those blood hungry monsters,

Grieving and groaning with pain, with no one to help,

As their ruthlessness had made fear to run through our spines.

I don’t know how many more days I am going to survive, running from them,

But I still, with a hope, pen downed this truth, 

That someday the veiled darkness will fall revealing the acts which are uncouth. 

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