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Chetna Sarkar

Drama Romance


Chetna Sarkar

Drama Romance

Strange Feelings For A Stranger

Strange Feelings For A Stranger

6 mins

Lost on those rusty tracks,

While driving a bike.

Far, far away from home,

Where everyone is out of sight.

As I sat by the cliff,

Beholding the picturesque night sky.

There you came, tiptoed

With a muffled smile, hard, not to praise.

I looked up at your face,

With my brows up, for a frown.

But your glimpses were hard to escape,

As your face gleamed in a pristine glace.

Your eyes had a nervous charm,

And your cheeks flushed red when our eyes locked.

I never realized I was that beautiful,

But maybe my fierce stare was the one making you tremble.

I stood up and turned around,

You took a few steps back, shyly. 

And lastly, my eyes caught your glinting sight, 

Honestly, I couldn’t help posing my lips into a silly smile.

So I moved my hand forward, seeking an introduction.

“Chetna”, said I, as my fingers brushed against your long slender ones.

“Aditya”, said you, retreating your hand after that tentative squeeze.

 And an eerie silence surrounded us as we both were bad at conversations.

Breaking the silence said I, “So what brings you here?... huh.”

He replied with a bemused look, “Um... my friends took me here.”

Soon he moved his gaze from the starry sky,

And looked towards my standing bike.

He asked with a smile playing on his lips, “ You drive it?”

With mirth, I replied, “Do you doubt it?”

After realizing his offense, he said consoling me, “How can I, I don’t even how to drive it?”

“But I can see some there”, enquired I, being intrigued.

 “Oh, those! None of those is mine. 

I just came all the way changing my seats.”

I looked away with a brisk laugh, 

Wondering a lean and tall man like him can’t drive.

After that brief pause, my ears encountered his voice again,

He asked me, yes me, to join them.

What could I say next,

 I gave it away, bewitched by his gentle voice.

 I stood up and headed towards his friends,

 But then he called out my name from the back.

I turned, he said, “Do you want to check a place I found? And remember it will be our secret. ”

Smelling adventure, I said, “ Why not, let's check this out, but we need to be back here soon, okay.”

He thought for a bit, scratching the stubble of his perfect face, 

And then gave me a nod in approval. 

So I grabbed my helmet and he grabbed his,

I revived the engine and went on, with him behind me.

As the road down became rockier, 

His grip on my shoulders became tighter.

At that moment, I couldn’t help these words slipping out of my mouth.

I said, “Your looks firmly contrast your behavior, you can easily fool someone.”

He said in counter maintaining his inner composure, “Same goes for you too.” 

Wow! That was unexpected, unexpected as those were his words now, otherwise, it’s familiar.

Feeling the cold shivering currents,

We moved to his ideal place.

Oh! I stood speechless, 

Flabbergasted looking at the astonishing view.

The mighty river descends making its way through the valley,

And it’s rapids glimmers, flowing over the rocks, in a pulsating rhythm.

We made our way towards his favorite place (now mine too) - 'THE CAVE'

Welcomed by those glowing fireflies, which illuminated the cave's night.

I never realized my vague reveries will soon be a reality,

When he, slipped and tossed himself into my arms.

Although I used to do so-called manly stuff, 

Mostly supposed to be performed by men.

But holding him in my embrace, was really way out of my league,

As he was clumsy and heavy for a grip.

Finally, he stood on his feet and I sighed out a relieved breath.

He looked away, not with shame,

But with a ting of happiness and to hide his blushing face.

I couldn’t help to let out a hearty laugh watching him flushing in red.

Man, I really couldn’t stop staring at his plight.

But my conscience berated me for making him feel contrite.

So I took his hand and clenched my fingers,

Taking him to the cave, his favorite place.

We sat, watching the sight, lost in our thoughts.

Grooving to the only sound of the rushing river. 

And all out of blue, he turned his face, 

Our eyes locked and with a simper, he said, “Thanks, for saving me.”

I saw his face in that faded moonlight which shimmered on his face.

His eyes brimming with tears, picturing an untold longing pain.

My heart ached, seeing his perfect face like that.

I sensed a tickle on my cheek and found that tears veiled up my eyes.

Without any second thoughts,

 My fingers tentatively reached his cheeks brushing his tears off.

He leaned in my touch gently, 

Caressing my hand with his, lacing his fingers against mine.

Then he grabbed my waist and pulled me close,

 And pressed his soft lips against mine.

We both melted into that unknown salted kiss.

While our hands ruffled our hair in those whistling winds.

Then suddenly he pulls back and glared at me,

His eyes filled with reprimand, pain, wonder, and lust.

He said, “I can’t do this. This is not right. I can’t. I just can’t let this happen.”

I couldn’t dare to look at him, so bowed my head,

Trying to keep my tears and agony at the bay.

 Again my ears encountered his deep voice, and his words, this time pierced my heart.

He said, hesitating, “ I am getting married…this week… and I am here for a bachelor’s party.”

I couldn’t think of anything at that moment, my mind was numb with this strange overwhelming pain.

“Congratulations”, said I and stormed out of the cave,

Mocking my conscience for dreaming something surreal.

Then suddenly, some voices called out his name, “Aadi… where the hell are you?”

I quickly wiped my tears and turned to see whereabouts of these voices.

Oh! His friends had arrived while hunting him down the lanes.

One of his friends said to him, “So found your burrow and you, alive at last.”

Their words or even their presence didn’t seem to bother him, 

His eyes were fixed on me.

Meeting this gaze his friends looked at me,

One of them said, teasing him, “Looks like you are not alone here. But remember you are getting married, tomorrow dude.”

My lips were sealed totally.

Even I wasn’t able to utter a word in my defiance.

He gave them a fierce look, ceasing all their jokes and sullies,

And then, then made his steps forward towards me.

I watched him, approaching, absent-minded, nearer, and nearer.

He said, “I am extremely sorry for what they said… and for what I did.”

I stood dumbfounded, gaping at him impaired by speechlessness.

And then he asked, “Do you mind joining us?”

I couldn’t comprehend, what he was trying to do after all that happened.

Was he trying to console me or mock me?

I quickly nodded my head into a deny after processing what happened that night.

Then again he spoke, “At least you can give me your number so that we'll be in touch.”

He passed me his phone with the keypad open,

And I reluctantly typed my number, begging for the earth to swallow me after that awkward moment.

He saved my number and kept his phone back, safe in his pockets.

Then he looked up at me for the last time and bided me a farewell before departing. 

I looked at them going and settling themselves on their bikes,

 Until the last roar of their bikes faded away and they were all out of my sight.

I still now wake up with this stupid feeling every day, that my phone will once ring flashing his number.

 And with his line echoing in my head, “AT LEAST YOU CAN GIVE ME YOUR NUMBER SO THAT WE'LL BE IN TOUCH.” 

And replaying that kiss over and over in my mind, 

Almost five years have passed, with no sign of him.

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