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Tell Me

Tell Me

2 mins 191 2 mins 191

Tell me something new, or tell me something old.

The time when you were so scared, or a time when you were bold

The time when all your fingers had turned numb from the cold.

Or the time when you really needed someone but had no one to hold.

Or tell me about when you were so happy, you could fly up to the moon.

The time when you got something you had been wanting all so soon.

The time when you danced around and sang completely out of tune.

Or tell me why you lie awake all night but fall asleep at noon.

Tell me why your eyes shine so bright when you talk about your dreams.

Tell me what love to you is; tell me what all it means.

Tell me about all the places you went to, and everything that you’ve seen.

Tell me all you ever will be, tell me all you’ve been.

Tell me about the times you cried when you were all alone.

And tell me about this new best friend with whom you talk for hours on the phone.

Tell me about every battle you have fought and won all on your own.

And tell me about the person with whom you feel the most at home.

Tell me all your memories from when you were so small.

When it was so much easier to heal the wounds you got from a fall.

When your mom and dad laughed with joy when you drew on the walls.

Yes, tell me about the sweet innocent times when you were so small.

Tell me about the future that you hope to live one day.

Tell me about everything you’ve never been able to say.

Tell me all the wild imaginations of your childish heart at play.

And tell me, is the world black and white, or do you too see the grey?

Tell me what you see every time you look up at the stars.

Tell me all the deepest desires that lie hidden in your heart.

Tell me, do you want to live the things again, or go back to the start?

And tell me, do you laugh or cry when you remember your past?

Tell me all your little stories, I’ll tell you mine too.

For though your eyes, they shine so bright, they’ve learnt to hide the real you.

So tell me and I’ll listen, to everything old and new

. Because after all, a broken heart is supposed to be fixed with love, not glue.

So every time you need someone, I will always be there.

Every time you want to cry, I will wipe away your tears.

Every time you are afraid, I will put to rest your fears.

And every time, you need some love, I will always be here.

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