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Story Of The Unforetold

Story Of The Unforetold

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In the deadly hallows of despair

In the shadowy crevices of destitute

Few are fortunate enough to hold the forts of fortitude

A fortress held ransom to fear

Destined to succumb to failure

and determined to twist the fabric of reality itself

The prophecy of unforetold unfolds

Forged in the smoldering fire in pits of what the sentry calls hell

Sculpted by the chisel of pain

Perfected by the rage in anger

In search of not glory but a purpose

The prophecy of unforetold unfolds


Neither stabbed in the back nor shot

But a heart lovingly and brutally ripped out

Disappointed not only in others but also in self

The foregone glory

And what could have been

Another common long story

The burden of responsibility

and the rationale of reasonability

The contention of right

The dilemma of duty

and the display of might

The dichotomy of religion

and the irony of life

From absolution to damnation

All are but petty thoughts

A means to an end

Or a means to no end

The prophecy of the unforetold still unfolds.

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