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The Bachelor Meets The Groom

The Bachelor Meets The Groom

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I cruise alone, sometimes with my pack

Lo behold I am independence, freedom personified

Venturing to all territories unknown

Seldom terrified.


In pursuit of the mirage of happiness for ‘one and all’

Coerced to commitment

Parental obedience or guidance

Or societal conformity

Or the age old longing of having a partner in crime

Blasphemy one is about to commit

Doing what was long condoned

Tying a knot

No I am no longer part of my old lot

To the road of commitment and to responsibility off I am to march

Bending behind my back, hope no one sees the painful back arch

Now in shackles of commitment and responsibility

I betrayed only commitment to my purpose

Was it guilt that I feel when I write this?

But one has to be honest to self as well.

Is there something out of ordinary unfolding?

Is this also not a part of growing and molding?

Just think of the joy one felt when casually hand holding

This story of unforetold unfolds

But honestly at times my limbs grow cold

Fear? Nah!

In this journey from an explorer to a nurturer

Its just the reckoning and beckoning that I will loose my Chutzpah!

Life is a parallel journey of role and characters

Its all on the stage of life

But all I see is the altar of ‘the ceremony’

Wedding or sacrifice

Joy or duty

Liberation or oppression

Are the words between which I vacillate

Wisdom says it natural to oscillate

Didn’t every father go through this?

Then why would be pass it on if it were such a horror

Roles are changing and so are the tectonic plates of my existence

Will I have all the resources for the overall sustenance?

Was that responsibility which just percolated in words?

I shall be okay, as are all these in the herd

The herd!


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