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Contradictions Of Human Mind

Contradictions Of Human Mind

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The choice of character

The split in personality

The dry tear

The tear in soul

The brave heart

The brutal emotions

The scholarly acumen

The hyperactive mind

This void in emptiness

The restlessness in procrastination

The belittling need of monetary ambitions

The dry heart pumping this warm blood

The ambiguity of priorities

The confusion or the clarity of goals

The venom knighted purpose

The definitive paradox of and in existence

The subjective objectivity

The objective subjectivity

The perennial sands of time

The static moments

The introspective retrospection

The dysfunctional cognition

The subversion by desires

The Subservient expectations

The daunting Expectations

The burning desires

The restless anger

The cacophony of chaos

The harmony in unrest

The music of mundane

The tits and bits of universe in and around me

Haunts me, at times taunts me

But unmistakably perpetually mocks me

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