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Mid-Life Crisis

Mid-Life Crisis

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The myriad mist of possibilities

The moments of reckoning

Incessant beckoning of could haves and

The inundated thoughts of should haves

The prodigies and the tragedies

The mediocre and the not so mediocre

The enticing success stories and

The even more engaging sardonic falls

The sharp regrets and the blunt remorse

Memories, tears, smirks and smiles

Words Heartfelt, spiteful, soulful or just a bit Brash snide

Moments that were and the moments that are

Doctorates Degrees diplomas and distinctions

Jobs, job switches promotions demotions and growth in new dimensions

The fragile realization of one’s frailties and

Coming to terms with own’s mortality

If these weren’t hard enough:

Aging parents and ailing grand parents

The individualistic system the collectivist society

Working out the best of what is at present or working at present to reach the best

Deadlines, bottom line, top line, growth and inflation

Hobbies, passions, pleasure, purpose as good as currencies in recession

The rat race, win it but don’t compete

Ethics over unethical

Minotaur super bosses, Hell hound bosses, Brutus colleague, Medusa HR

With Pandora box Appraisals and Spartan paychecks

Family friends self and the inner self are all written

But there is one more bullet to be bitten


If successful begets the prison marriage

Love, a failure begets things, among which the trivial are pain, more pain, wisdom and

Last not the cliche least poetry!

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