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Amit Ghosal

Comedy Drama Children


Amit Ghosal

Comedy Drama Children

Smash of Song

Smash of Song

1 min

English Translation of Bengali Poem 'Gasner Gunto', by Sukumar Roy


Started singing in the summer Vishma Lochan Sharma,

 Voice of him is ranging from Delhi upto Burma.

Singing in his full volume; betting life and living;

People are running everywhere, heads of them - spinning. 

Some are dying, some are bleeding, some crying in pain,

Some are pleading, ‘stop the singing’, however – in vain.

Cattles are breaking the ropes, falling on the road,

Vishma lochan - still singing, he is in mood.

Animals are losing the sense, falling upside down,

Mad man is getting crazy – ‘who is this clown”?

Amphibians, in water, are finding it hard,

Even the trees cannot take it; falling like card.

Even the birds are plunging, falling from the sky

Everybody pleads – ‘stop singing; You are a big guy’.

Power of song is shaking heaven, breaking house in piece

Bishma lochan is singing loud; singing at ease.

Came running a billy goat; a bit crazy though,

Dancing to the tune of the song, gave a body blow.

Song got stopped in a second; silence in full,

Sharma cries ‘Dear father’, now he is freezing cool!!

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