Shaivite's Shiva

Shaivite's Shiva

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O My Dear Lord Shiva!

You are every Shaivite's Shiva!

By holding a Pellet Drum tambour, You are Damarudhar,

By holding a Trident Trishula, You are Shuladhar,

With moon on Your Head, You are called Shashidhar,

Being Mighty Sacred Ganges River Bearer,You are Gangadhar!

With Consort Devi Parvati,You are GouriShankar,

With Magnificient Matted Hair, You are JataShankar,

Being doer of good deeds, You are Shubhankar,

Being a Divine Lamp flame, You are Deepankar!

Every month Krishna Paksha Chaturdashi day has a Masika Shivaratri festival,

Masika Shivaratri in month of Magha is known as Maha Shivaratri festival,

You appearing in Shiva Lingam form this day signifies this grand festival,

Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu worshipping first marks this great festival!

Every Monday is Your favorite day,

Shaivites utter 'Om Namaha Shivaya' sacred Sanskrit syllable everyday,

'Om Namaha Shivaya Siddham Namaha' sacred utterance is done on Education starting day,

The Chanting Your sacred syllable gives the feeling of a divine day on any day!

Maharshi Agastya wrote one lakh verses of Shivapuranam sacred Sanskrit text,

Great Hindu philosopher Guru Adi Sankara wrote one hundred stanzas of hymns of ShivanandaLahari text,

Goddess Devi Parvati always asked devotees to read ShivanandaLahari before before Soundaryalari text,

The Divine Month of Kartikam is meant for reading Your Kartika Puranam text!

Every temple of Your's is called a Shaiva Kshetra,

Bhubaneswar is always called as Ekamra Kshetra,

Your Holy presence makes a place a Punya Kshetra,

Each of Twelve Dwadasha Jyotirlingam temple is a Radiant Divya Kshetra!

You are fond of Abhishekams which are different libations,

Rameswaram became famous with Lord Rama performing libations,

There is a belief of fulfillment of different aspirations,

Shaivites are following these age-old timeless traditions!

Holy city of Varanasi considers You as Kashi Vishweshwar,

You are popular Lord Lingaraj in Temple City Tribhubaneswar,

On the banks of river Mahanadi, You are present as Dhabaleshwar,

All Odisha Shaivite Shrines named You with a name of Maheshwar!

O My Dear Lord Shiva!

You are every Shaivite's Shiva!

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