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Hasmukh Amathalal



Hasmukh Amathalal




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You are fortunate

To get

Good friends on line

You feel elated and very fine

It is not merely to chat

As you want

But make intelligent exchanges

And manage your own

"Santi" means peace

And everyone wants to live at an ease

Friendship releases new kind of energy

Where you discuss openly 

I recollect from her talks

She is real and genuine to walk with

Wherever she is, she is perfect

In all her acts

She is not only a good wife

But teacher also in life

There is a lot more to learn

From her and turn the table

She is cautious in dealing

And doesn't allow her feelings

To come on the fore

And make others sore

I could guess little further

She has no fears

As far as the life is concerned

She is practical and fully learned

I use my poetic skill

To reach at her will

And know actually what is in her store!

I may be proven wrong here on this account

Whatever may be an outcome!

I welcome

And appreciate her restrained approach

And thank her to have reached me


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