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Amit kumar ghosh



Amit kumar ghosh


Rich and God

Rich and God

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The conversation of God with a rich man -

Rich man -

 My wealth is my own creation.

 I love my wealth 

It's my intelligent and hard work

I sacrifice my whole life for earning my wealth

My health is not so good to hold my life energy

My family is not emotionally attached to me

My wife is not maybe loved me anymore

Me and my wealth, living alone

I am powerful, I can take possession of anything which I want

If no one likes me, what's the matter, 

I can still buy someone who likes me in exchange for my wealth, 

Money can buy anything I want-


Great, if you are a very rich man How you are so weak to hold your life energy, 

You are living a miserable life

No one likes you 

Never blessed by anyone

If possible check once more, by spending some of your wealth 

Whether you could live for some more time to enjoy your wealth

Rich man-

Let's me try to purchase a ventilator to keep me alive

A good doctor in a luxury hospital can give me more life to live in exchange for money

I don't care as I am still alive

God -

What may be the purpose of your life

The need for your life is small

Three meals in a day are enough for your daily life

You may like signature dishes,

If you are very hungry you will also enjoy a simple food of poor man 

No one can enjoy signature dishes in a posh restaurant if alone

So sad -

A rich man with full of tears in eyes -

My Doctor said nothing can be done for me

My body is weak and having no strength to live without medical support

For whom I worked so hard 

Me and my body, no it's my mistake

My wife and my family are never enjoyed my wealth

I never tested love from anyone as I thought I may buy love any time

But I realized late, no option for me


Wealth creation is not bad if you extend your family for others

All human beings are coming naked and return to soil naked after completing the life cycle

Why accumulate wealth, accumulate a count of work for those who are helpless, and struggling for survival.

Rich man

Oh God bless me, next life I can earn wealth for the betterment of humanity.

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