Upasana Jabegu

Tragedy Crime


Upasana Jabegu

Tragedy Crime

Red Blood

Red Blood

2 mins

My soul screamed something would happen which isn't right,

As I heard the footsteps and felt it's going to be long dreadful night; 

I sat blank faced and nervousness didn't let me cry,

For I know there was no one to feel the tears in my eyes;

I struggle hard enough to get released from his tight grip,

Then I heard a loud and petrifying rip;

As my top fell on the ground first,

That beast started to quench his greedy thirst;

He threw me against the wall and proceed to pin me down to the ground,

He covered my mouth not to let me make sound;

 I cringed his cold hands' touch,

I loathe all those filthy touches so much;

Then I heard the unblocking of his belt,

He pushed harder and harder and agonizing pain I felt;

Each and every swing felt worse and worse,

And all I crave to be dead in a hearse;

Something happened inside of me that I can't explain,

I tired my best to escape from that sharp pain;

I was drenched in the red blood pool of insanity,

 Marks of eroticism and invisible bruises showed his cruelty;

I was frozen and couldn't believe what's going on,

I kept praying for him to be gone;

I was a piece of exquisite canvas forgotten by the art,

I was a girl who died dressed in red with dreams torn apart;

I wish that I had never been alive,

After long horrendous night my soul no longer wanted to survive;

Cold but yet heartwarming hug took all those terrifying traumas away,

Since the grim reaper fulfilled my pray...

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