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Terrence Tayang



Terrence Tayang


Psycho Of Death

Psycho Of Death

1 min

I am not your average person

I do not live an average lifestyle

I am the angel of death

Countless hacking and decapitation

No gender or age under consideration

Deep within my personality

A Sitting demon of twisted tortures

Just give me a slaughterhouse

And I will fulfill my sadistic pleasure

Tormenting you is my only motives

Fantasising you in my dissection

Cannibalising your tender flesh

Either cooked or eaten raw

Even after your torturous death

I will linger around your body

Till you rot and maggots are born

Your skin become green like a meadow

There is no remorse. There is no guilt

I am the one man army of death

Lurking around underneath your nostrils

Sedating anyone who comes to my path

Trapping your sanity with tranquilizing fear

So don't ever think of coming close

Or this will be your ultimate closure

There is nowhere for an escape

Cause I am the apex predator

The adrenaline rush of the hunter

The thrills that kill all humanity

Concealing your bones with the achievement

I am the mastermind of chaos

Clocking your each and every movement

Hiding as a beggar or wealthy man

As no one can stop my madness

No one except my own grave

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