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Neha Jain



Neha Jain


Plight Of A Women

Plight Of A Women

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Just because you are a women

You will always be criticized

When you are a homemaker

You are criticized because you are dependent

The four walls is your only limit

You don't set examples for others

When you step out of home as a professional

You are criticized because for you family is not the priority

What matters to you is your own dreams and freedom

What you wear should not be your choice

But of the society, you live in

Even then you will be criticized

Do you know why?

It's just because you are born as a woman

Your whole life you live for others

As a daughter, you live for parents

As a wife, you live for husband

As a mother, you live for children

Still, you are just merely a woman

Everything that surrounds you

Is your responsibility

If anything happens to be wrong

The fault is totally yours

You will never be listened to

Just because you are a woman

Just sit for a moment and think

Is this the true result of your sacrifice?

If not then why do you really bother

Work of people is to just oppose

And so they will

So why not stand up today

And do what really matters you

Not to your shit society

Who will never stand with you

Whatever you do!!

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