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The Scotch-Irish Viking

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The Scotch-Irish Viking

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Personal Holocaust

Personal Holocaust

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Can you hear me...

Am I speaking clearly?

It seems there's some sort

of disconnect.

I'm feeling trapped in a really

bad movie. I'm trying to

break free from this evil sect.

My spirits a wreck, I'm

fighting twenty-four seven,

as Heaven looks down, 

I'm like unleavened bread.

The cards in the deck that

are stacked up against me...

The rusty crown that was

placed on my head.

I despise all the lies that

have been said about me.

I've said my goodbyes,

now leave me alone.

They try to disguise

searing eyes of their scrutiny.

It's nothing new to me.

The plot is well known.

This life is on loan,

but for a while, It's mine.

I have been shown,

what is wrong with humankind.

Our Pride has grown, and

now we're falling from the vine.

How can you not see the sign?

Why would you flee from what's devine.

An inferiority complex.

Everything's a threat to you.

The beating heart that's in your chest,

is just as fleeting as the things you do.

Some don't have a clue, it's true,

You can lead a horse to water.

No matter what you say or do,

Their private hell keeps getting hotter.

Don't need nobody finding me,

I'm not the person lost.

Don't need your toxic company,

I won't be a victim to

your Personal Holocaust.

Trapped within the skism,

Of a rigged coin that is tossed.

A million souls are driven

to their very own

Personal Holocaust.

Fellow. Don't come near me.

They advise to stay at

least six feet.

To keep us separated is an

impossible task.

I feel like crap, trapped in

this endless irony.

Six Million six feet under and

still wearing a mask.

I have to ask, but we're in the

age of censorship.

History from a YouTube clip.

Their programming your head.

Now we bask, in a radio active


An over reactive populace slips

into the pages of the dead.

I've tried to abide in the wiser

things taught to me.

I've seen them disguise

the most treacherous minds.

I will not confide in the ears

of my enemy.

To use it against me.

I know your justice is blind.

My life is my own,

I'm not a slave to your grind.

I'm sharp, and I'm honed,

I am one of a kind.

I may be just flesh and bone,

But I'm not part of this design.

How dare you try to take from

me, what your greedy fingers

did not find.

My ability's in my text.

Can't you see what I wrote for you?

The bleeding heart underneath

my breast.

Is often feeding all of you.

All of our blood is blue, It's true.

So why do they enjoy the slaughter.

Some people still don't have a clue.

They're raping our son's and daughters.

Don't need nobody reminding me

that Jesus Is The Way.

I see right through hypocrisy

don't match the words they say.

I won't sign my name in blood,

So take your book of Faust.

Put it where you know you should,

and keep your Personal Holocaust.

I am not your whipping post,

I think your salad's tossed.

You're prison is where you reap

the fruit of your own

Personal Holocaust.

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