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Maitri Singh Tomar



Maitri Singh Tomar




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What is it that strikes you when you’re broken?

When no one really gets you from within.

When your dark secrets are left all open

And it feels like snakes are crawling under your skin.

Nobody cares about how you feel

People feel that you’re a living curse in their lives.

My life ends up becoming like a Ferris wheel

The ups and downs end up killing me.

All your dreams and hopes shattered

And in the end, it doesn’t even matter.

It feels like I’ve lost my way

Just living in the shadows of the messes that I’ve made.

My skin has become as cold as ice

My destiny rolls like a fickle dice.

I lie here lifeless in this cocoon

Under the impression that someone would rescue me soon.

I feel like a thousand miles away from the comfort

All I’ve received in my life is hurt.

I’m a fool to look for forgiveness from a stone

In this strange world, there’s no one I can call my own.

No one knows what it’s like to be hated

Sometimes I feel like going down and so disconnected.

I’ve been treated worse than a chilly December night

I wish no one has to go through this plight.

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