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Aarushi Sharma



Aarushi Sharma


Our Today

Our Today

1 min

Today was like a dream turned alive,

Live just in front of my eyes,

As his fingers groped around my skin,

For me, It was beyond any of my win.

Today was like as if sun has started spreading the moonlight,

As his each laugh helped my pain to hide,

Nothing in the world can make me this happy anymore,

Because no one can make me sweet from my sour.

Today was like Christmas hit much before its time,

Because everything between us today was like a rhyme,

Lullabies, bonfires, decorated trees, gifts and sweets,

He made me feel like every love in the world belongs to me.

Today he made me feel as if I'm sitting on my favorite place,

As his eyes and his hands were continuous on my face,

And whenever your kisses reached my neck,

The thunder-shiver passed from my spine down my back.

Today was like one of my favorite day to replay,

Because I'm going to reminisce it everyday,

And every moment his love touched my soul,

Our bodies collapse and make it one as a whole.

Today was like the magic proving its existence,

With the left out love spell from the reminiscence,

The sparkling butterflies start running in my veins,

And his giggles on my lips left me insane.

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