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Shikha Mishra



Shikha Mishra


Our First Meeting

Our First Meeting

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You can feel that love is in the air when time seems to freeze for you in the company of that someone special.

Just the thought of being in their company, your heart and mind seem to lose connect, acting all crazy leading you to wonder what the hell did happen to both.

That very feeling tickles you deeply lighten your face with a smile leading you to blush like a newly wedded couple.

This feeling is as fascinating as watching the sunrise where the view mesmerizes you or seeing the waves coming swiftly towards you to tease you, tickles your feet, and quietly return to its origin as if nothing happened.

They say, love, at first sight, does happen an especially happens to those who do not believe in it here I have been blessed to experience this blissful feeling.

Being the shy person that I am, the idea of arranging marriage petrified me, leave aside meeting, and talking to you.

Considering I have no way out to skip this meeting, encouraged myself, it is ok she is just another person I need to meet and talk.

Had no feeblest idea this meeting is going to be a life-changing moment for me, there you were seated in the chair, your shiny eyes glued in your phone, your long black shiny hair rested till your shoulder, your side hair locks were gently touching and playing with your cheeks.

Your persona was so intense that the first glimpse swept me off the feet, even with the casual appearance you looked like a beautiful destiny waiting for me to change my life.

Even amid our one-way conversation, it was so captivating to listen to your chit chat.

It seemed such a relief that you came to my rescue for conversation, it is not like that I did not have things to share with you, but how could I interrupt these beautiful moments being created here.

What was more important to me to know that you sounded so much full of life, enjoying every moment, loved what you do, had so much love and warmth for everyone, and of course, you loved talking.

To my relief, you did not probe me for being active listener the best part was, you made me so comfortable that I did not realize when I started pouring my heart out, sharing things which were embedded in my heart which even I had no clue it existed.

How could this happen to me, what did you do to me, all I can say you made me fall in love with you again.

 How I wished that this meeting could have continued like forever, do we not all wish to cling on to the best moments of our life a bit longer.

I lost track of time with you, whom to blame for that, especially when you are living the best moments of your life.

Though the meeting finally came to an end, for me, it was the start of a new chapter in my life.

I don't know what you felt about me, but I would wait for being honored if given a chance to be part of your life.

Till then, I 'll cherish every moment of our First Meeting and hope to spend my entire life with you.

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