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Anubhav LM10



Anubhav LM10


One Step Away From The Moon

One Step Away From The Moon

2 mins 304 2 mins 304

He wants to beat the game, but misfortune struck, 

What is the answer, in the question he is stuck, 

In the game of 3-ohms, in the question of cones, he scores just more than a duck,

"I tried, I failed" he says he could see a disappointment on a man's face, 

He shuts his phone down, he is damn depressed,

He loses hope on God and on him he lost his faith, 

Everytime he stood up, he was pinned down again, 

Maybe he now realizes that it was not his day, 

He carries himself home somehow, 

Stumbled into his room, 

Through the window he can see a shooting star missing the moon. 

The phone in his hand rings, once - twice - thrice, 

He covered his face with the bedsheets and he cries 

This time he takes the call, 

It was a call from dad 

And I knew that he'd now be heartbroken more than being mad, 

Tears rolled down his cheek 

He is so broken; he needs comfort-he is weak- 

Muscles pumped up more than laughing Buddha's cheek. 

It was over now and 

All he could do is switch off the phone and sleep. 

His friends left him, his girlfriend on the queue, 

"I'm sorry", she said the day before, "I can't stay any longer with you". 

He looks into the mirror 

And wonders if he is right, 

Everything happened so quick, 

He hopes he survives that night. 

Yeah, it's the story of a simple guy,

His dreams too big and too small is his flight. 

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