Not Meant To Be Understood

Not Meant To Be Understood

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Random ramblings

Sometimes crisp, at times messy

Play havoc inside my head

Racing against logic

To prove their point

That never made any sense.

I often wonder

Where the fragrance comes from

When those ramblings

Start to make their way

From the heart

Scribbling across the crumbly pages of my diary.

Must be the memories of

Crushing fallen petals

From grandma’s garden,

Or stolen kisses

Behind satin curtains,

Filling life into

Once dead emotions,

Waiting to be embraced

Into the warmth of acceptance.

From being blobs of blurred existences,

Agonised by relentless chaos

Those ramblings found a home in me

And a few words

That are not known to many.

On most days, they sound gibberish

Veiling secret, hidden intentions.

Some of them even leave painful scars behind.

And some poems are just not meant to be understood,

With the bare mind.

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