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Rainasheet Mohanty

Fantasy Inspirational Children

Not Just A Dream

Not Just A Dream

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There is something I envisage,

Which is not totally chimerical

I wonder if I am ludicrous or a platonist,

But somewhere l speculate that l am made for it

Spaceships are wafting in the expanse,

So are my dreams in my cerebrum

Trying to flamboyant all my aspirations,

Through my firmness and diligence 

I don't want to leave them,

Without plummeting and upheaving while trying 

I will never relinquish on my dreams,

Because they are the ones who aplomb me to move forward.

All of us have some enigmatic dreams, 

Which we all want to see accomplished 

Some of us thrive, 

But some collapse 

But at last, each one of us slumbers at night, 

This is when our eyes gleam and so does our heart

Mind confuses and people preclude,

But heart always succors us to advance towards our ambitions 

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