Sarat chandra Mohanty



Sarat chandra Mohanty


My Grand Maa

My Grand Maa

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Dark clouds hovering over the sky,

Prolonged sadness and tears emulsify

Thinking about you is like unlocking a book,

Filled with laughter and ecstasy all around

Starting from your reprimands and concurrence,

To your guidance and benevolence

I have always felt privileged,

To have experienced your affection

Being around you was a pleasure rarely felt,

Like living without you was never meant

You taught me to relinquish the habits,

Which were bad and erroneous

I remember asking you to entreat mama,

To cook the food I loved to eat

I miss those days of taking your blessings before heading out,

Now I sometimes have an ominous feeling before stepping out

But today also, I believe you are taking care of us anonymously.

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