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Kuntala Banerjee


I Dream

I Dream

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I dream of the lofty mountains embellished by gigantic trees

Enchanting my weary soul with its tranquil balmy breeze

Portraying a symbol of enormous power and abundant strength

Instils humanity with confidence and positive intense.

I dream of the meandering rivers dazzling under sunshine

Glittering and sparkling in a world of celestial divine

The vastness engulfs my yearning heart with eternal purity

Winding and swaying along into an atmosphere of serenity.

I dream of the captivating valleys enriched in vibrant blooms

Enticing my mind into a garden where the colours blossoms

Proliferating its enigmatic charm across nature's core

Allures and mesmerizes me through its charismatic galore.

I dream of the blue mirrored skies patched with fluffy clouds

Beaming at the birds as they flutter high flapping their wings

Encapsulating my inner self with its wonders and beauty

Dominating the universe hand in hand the God Almighty.

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