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achla Nagar



achla Nagar




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The butterfly flew around gracefully

Her pink and orange wings fluttering

Swaying towards the yellow flower

Looking more beautiful than ever

“My dear, my love

Remember these words of mine

Hold me tight

Don’t follow the light

And everything will be all right”

He tried to clutch on her

Afraid that she would leave him alone

But he had no rights

His petals stayed in place, too weak to get up

His butterfly flew away

Leaving him with the grass 

“My dear, my love

How are you in there?

The new place filled in with fresh leaves

It’s been a long time, I miss you

The vast savanna separates us

I wonder what would happen if I held onto you

The regrets that kept haunting me” 

Their little secrets

Their endearing giggles

Replaying inside his mind

It’s time for him to go

The roots that dried away

Yet he hasn’t said his goodbye

“My dear, my love

The rest of my time is not long

Yet you’ve given me no answers

The longing feeling stabbed me like a cleaver

I hope you’ve found your true love with a new flower”

The butterfly that became old

Not saying a single word

Even though it listened to everything

Regretting every single unaccomplished scene

It flew away, brought by the wind

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