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Lakshmi Menon



Lakshmi Menon




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A walk down the hilly lane,

The view is scenic in the rocky terrain,

Trees touching the sky, standing tall,

Withstanding the sun, rain, and fall.

The roads hidden by fog and mist,

Winding down with many twists,

The bright and freshly blooming flowers,

Welcome you to the land of colours.

Roses, Sunflowers, Daffodils and Jasmine,

Here there are flowers umpteen,

Violet, Indigo, Purple and Blue

The colours look wonderful in the hue.

A golden ray of the shining sun,

Smiling down, waking up everyone,

The beetles sing their humming song,

Time to wake up, the night is gone!

The birds chirping to welcome the dawn,

Butterflies dance to a buzzing song,

Kissing the flowers the bees come along,

To take a sip of honey, they all throng.

The flowers sway in the soothing breeze,

Which blows through the whistling trees,

A sparkling stream flows nearby,

Water so clear, reflecting the blue sky.

Swishing and swirling the water flows,

Hitting the rocks with drumming blows,

The sounds of nature in blissful harmony,

Like in an Opera - A perfect synchrony!

Come here to rejuvenate and unwind,

Recharge yourself to face the grind,

Yes, you can easily reach this exotic locale,

This is our very own Nainital!!!

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