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Inspirational Others

My Teachers

My Teachers

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Oh, my respected teachers! 

I am deeply indebted to you for a lifetime for your extraordinary care.

Really you are such superb souls,

Who has designed my career beautifully,

Shaped me to become the person I am today.

Now I am touched beyond words to express my gratitude for you.

I respect you from the bottom of my heart

With all my feelings and emotions.

Yes, no one can replace you.

You are the most salient part of my life.

My parents brought me to this beautiful world,

But when I became thirsty for knowledge,

You hold my tiny hands with love and care,

Taught me in a feasible friendly way.

Help me to overcome my fears,

Nurtured my mind, nourished my abilities.

Really, you treated me as your own kids.

Give me the apt reasons to dream big,

Grew up hope in me,

Ignited my imagination,

Reassured me on my life's path.

You shared your wisdom with me.

Awoke me about the content of the dream,

Inspired me to achieve my dreams,

Ultimately drove me to touch the goal.

And changed me into a solid citizen.

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