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The Divine Potter

The Divine Potter

1 min

A potter always plays with clay,

Becomes besotted with the smell of wet dirt and appreciates their surrender.

Holds and moulds to give life to clay.

The clay feels happy with the steady pressure of potter's hand,

Acquiesce entirely to give them an exquisite shape.

The potter throws the clay to the potter wheel,

Clay starts whirling and twirling,

Their imperfections being smoothed

With the pressure of the hands of Potter.

He fires them at high temperature to give them a hard and durable form.

The clays turn into beautiful potteries.

The potter feels proud of his creations.

Likewise, our life is a pottery

We all are born wet clay.

The omnipotent god is the divine potter

Like the clay on potter wheel, we are whirling and twirling with destiny.

We all are dancing on the tune of fate,

Obstacles come to our path to whet us,

Sorrows come to reinforce us,

Trials come to beautify us,

Challenges come to reshape us.

If you want to make your life to be a completely round and beautiful pottery,

Just surrender yourself completely near the creator, the divine potter.

He will give you the shape of a masterpiece.

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